Dwayne Peter Tuhairwe is a 3rd Year student who will be graduating on 29th September 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS).

Dwayne Peter Tuhairwe

After four (4) months of community engagement, he was retained and offered a job opportunity at Nile Breweries.  Peter shared his success story and his three year learning experience at UTAMU.

QN: Tell us about your current job, position held and what tasks you undertake.

Dwayne: I am currently working in the IT Department at Nile Breweries Uganda.  My work is mainly systems administration, troubleshooting user ICT problems, networking and maintenance, computer repairs and website administration.

QN: How did you get that job yet you were still a student?

Dwayne: First of all, I had no connections. I just woke up one morning, went to Nile Breweries and I requested the officer to allow me to work as an intern in their organization. I was so happy when they took me in. I was given tasks which I undertook. Later, the organization communicated that they needed to outsource someone to revamp their website. I told them I could do the work. They thought I was an amateur but on contrary, I asked them to give me a chance. I had to compete with three other people. My works marveled them. There I was! They decided to hire me.

QN: Congratulations, you are working with one of the biggest organizations in Uganda, what skills did you employ to win the favour of your bosses to the extent of retaining you or offering you a job opportunity?
Commitment to my assignments, resilience and innovation. I have learnt that skills can take you places. Not the money.

QN: Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?
I have met and interacted with industry experts which has increased my contact base. I have since obtained who inspire me.

QN: Do you think the UTAMU Teaching and learning system is effective in making students job creators?

Dwayne: UTAMU introduced me to the latest technology. The mode of delivery triggers students to be innovative, to learn more on their own as opposed to depending on what is given in class. The course was practical.

Dwayne: Do you have a mentor? Does anyone inspire you?
Dr. Johnson Mwebaze! I want to be a code professional that he is.

QN: Any advice for students who don’t value community engagement ?
I believe the opportunities are there. We just have to be shrewd, aggressive and go getters. A job will not find you in your comfort zones. You must look for it. Also, students must aim at acquiring more skills and knowledge beyond class work. In your spare time, go to YouTube, teach yourself something. Remember many graduates have academic papers and every employer will ask you why they should hire you.

QN: After everything else is forgotten? What will you remember UTAMU for?

Dwayne: I want to mention that I will be enrolling a master’s course right after graduation. But also, if you scanned through Universities in Uganda, you realize that UTAMU appeals to the digital generation. The Elearning platform enables students to study anytime anywhere. The case studies given to us by lecturers trigger us to learn more on our own.  



An undergraduate student at UTAMU has ventured into the art and craft business by making beautifully designed art pieces from old newspapers, magazines and recycled paper.

Some of the art pieces by Priscah Kamutuhaire. She makes the pieces from used newspapers, magazines and sometimes clothes.

Priscah Kamutuhaire’s passion for art and crafts motivated her to venture into business.

“But in addition to that, there is a lot of paper, newspapers, magazines and other paper disposed-off every single day in our environment. So I decided to give life and purpose to that forgotten paper,” says Priscah.

The 22-year-old student of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science uses her innovative and entrepreneurial skills to make money and still be able to study.

She commends UTAMU for exposing her to a lot of opportunities and nurturing her innovative and entrepreneurial skills. “UTAMU has exposed me to a lot of opportunities and I have acquired more skills. For starters I barely knew a thing about programming when I joined but that has since changed and I can proudly say I am a skilled programmer. I also happened to meet various inspirational people (in the business world) during the many fellowships and workshops attended and some have bought my products”.

Priscah Kamutuhaire’s passion for art and crafts motivated her to venture into business.

Her art and crafts business mainly deals in making paper art pieces with a blend of a few other materials. She uses paper from newspapers, magazines, recycled paper and sometimes cloth to create the beautiful pieces.

Asked on how she promotes her business to the public, Priscah said uses social media to sell her products.

“At the moment, I mostly get customers through use of social media, friends and clients. But I am planning on setting up a website and gallery from where I’ll be able to sell all my products,” she says.

Not only does she design the art prices, Priscah also deals in interior designing with a touch of craft.

Ivan Peter Otim is a 3rd year student at UTAMU pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science set to graduate at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony scheduled for 29th September.

Ivan Peter Otim (Bsc. Computer Science)

He commends UTAMU for giving him a platform to learn more about innovations through scheduled inside and outside events.

“This shaped my mind on being creative and build a desire to innovate as a contribution to solving various problems facing our communities. I have been able to create several social innovative ideas focusing on children and youth, which has helped me envision every young person with a voice, access to media, infrastructure and an opportunity to express themselves in marginalized communities,” adds Otim.

Details are reproduced in the interview which UTAMU News had with Mr. Otim.

QN: Tell us about yourself (brief background about your life/schools)

Otim: I’m a born-again Christian, a 5th born of my mother’s 7 children. I originate from Soroti district, however spent most of my childhood in Kampala, raised specifically in Banda near Kyambogo. I went to Kyambogo Primary School, for my primary education, then later Joined Kyambogo College School for 6 years. I applied to study at UTAMU in September 2013, and I’m happy to be one of the graduates on its 2nd graduation ceremony!

I’m passionate about ICT, and joining UTAMU enabled me discover so much about my relationship with computers, and how I can take a role in their impact today. I believe we are in an era where technology determines the perspective of the world’ changes today.

I’m a children’s and youth worker, and I desire to contribute to the creation of better stories for children and young people, especially those living in marginalized communities.  I love taking part in community outreaches, Christian missions, soccer, and I have an interest in public speaking. Among a number of other things!

QN: Which course were you doing at UTAMU?

Otim: I was pursuing a Bachelor of Science of Computer Science.

QN: What attracted you to study at UTAMU?

Otim: The quality of the teaching methods and the expertise of the staff members. I also got attracted by the fact that their tuition payment plan was favorable compared to other institutions.

QN: Is there anything special UTAMU has contributed or exposed you to in your life/career ever since you started studying from there?

Otim: So many things! At UTAMU, I was able to learn more about innovations through scheduled inside and outside events. This shaped my mind on being creative and build a desire to innovate as a contribution to solving various problems facing our communities. I have been able to create several social innovative ideas focusing on children and youth, which has helped me envision every young person with a voice, access to media, infrastructure and an opportunity to express themselves in marginalized communities. I have been gathering several resources, and intend to implement this idea soon, starting with my own community at Banda.

QN: In what ways can UTAMU assist you to better your life or business/startup if you have any?

Otim: Well, I suggest that UTAMU continues to organize workshops intended to equip young innovators and entrepreneurs with skills and knowledge of the current trends in technology and business.




QN: Did the training attained at UTAMU in any way motivate or contribute to you starting this business/startup?

Otim: Yes it did! Participation in the mandatory community engagement every year gave me an insight of the gaps to fill in the community challenges, and also several business opportunities.

QN: What is your perception about the teaching and learning model of UTAMU?

Otim: It’s unmatched! The eLearning model of learning is very flexible and helps a student acquire from anywhere, as long as they can sign in! I believe if practicality is more emphasized, the model will beat several world standards!

QN: What is your philosophy in life

"You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them."

QN: What message would you give to your fellow students?

Otim: One is to trust God who has placed them where they are, you’re not there by mistake, believe he will take you through no matter the challenges you face. First, graduation isn’t a major achievement at the end of your course period, it’s a celebration for every completion of course works, sacrifices, sleepless nights, discussions, research and consultations. Keep graduating in each of those that will lead you to a blissful ending.


A former student has hailed UTAMU's unique mode of teaching and learning, for equipping him with exceptional skills and knowledge that have opened better job opportunities for him.

As UTAMU makes a steady progress into the future, it keeps in touch with all the alumni to know whether the knowledge from UTAMU has enabled them realize your dreams. UTAMU is proud of its more than 270 alumni who are in the community making a positive change.

“I am glad to be an alumni and with the MBA I acquired at UTAMU, I have been able to get a job with a multinational development Bank (MDB). I commence in June 2017,” says Alex who graduated with an MBA in September 2016 together with190 students who advanced with masters, post-graduate diplomas and undergraduate degrees.

“Despite my banking experience, I had on several times applied to join MDBs but never made it to the short list due to lack of a MBA. But I thank UTAMU’s flexible model of learning, practical course units and research skills that have catapulted me to the region now,” he added.

UTAMU has a unique teaching and learning model for the Graduate School called the Block Release Model. This teaching and learning approach combines classroom instruction with online (self-paced). Self-paced learning uses online curricula, e-library and interactive tools.

Expressing their view on the self-paced learning, most graduate students noted that they receive sufficient materials via the E-learning platform and expressed gratitude for the online activity notifications, which has helped many to improve on online participation.

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