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Quality Assurance

UTAMU is determined and prepared to contribute towards addressing the growing demand for quality higher education in Uganda. We strive to maintain and ensure quality in all aspects of teaching and learning and all services offered by the university. Quality is key to all our business processes. Quality assurance, quality controls and feedback mechanisms have been integrated in all our business processes.



Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) is committed to deliver quality academic experience to the students and teachers in order to achieve the high academic standards. In pursuit of the University's mission and vision, UTAMU has developed a range of policies and procedures, which will ensure there is quality standards in the provision of the core activities stated in the strategic plan. Therefore all policies should adhere to the quality standards that in line with other national and international quality standards.


RESPONSIBILITY: The policy will be developed and implemented by the Director for ICT, Quality Assurance & Library Services. The Quality Assurance Committee established by Council will be mandated to steer the implementation of the policy under the headship of the director.

REPORTING STRUCTURE: Director for ICT, Quality Assurance & Library Services reports to the Senate, the Senate will report to Council

IMPLEMENTATION & MONITORING: Director, Director for ICT, Quality Assurance & Library Services and the Quality Assurance Committee

POLICY LEVEL: All University employees including staff, students and visiting university personnel

POLICY DURATION: The policy will be for the period of 4 years and there after be reviewed/revised.



UTAMU QA policy has been developed to reaffirm the commitment in trying to offer education ubiquitously to whoever needs it both locally and internationally. Therefore, UTAMU’s teaching methodology of blended learning (virtual learning and traditional classroom teaching) deduces so many questions in stakeholders’ minds. The fear on providing quality education and how stakeholders can cope with the form of teaching and leaning is guaranteed by the quality innovative procedures have been put in place.

UTAMU requires well-timed and credible processes and information to manage teaching and learning, research, engagement and accountability activities. This is for the purpose

-          Ensuring there is a conducive educational environment for both students and staff

-          Generation of information for the entire University business processes

-          Able to track and monitor all University activities and operations both at a local and international level

-          Provide for accountability and transparency in all University processes


The scope of this policy includes all educational activities, processes and procedures that are within UTAMU, within the mandate of UTAMU but provided by other local and international organizations. This policy will inform all the internal and external checks on all the activities, processes and procedures within the University.


UTAMU is committed to be a global educational institution for management, science, technology and innovation by providing high quality standards in education coupled with the appropriate scientific, technological and innovative teaching and learning, research and engagement.


Uganda Technology and Management University vision is to be a global educational institution for management, science, technology and innovation through a mission of providing global quality Education, Research and Innovation critical to economic and human development. In quest of its vision the UTAMU will attempt to inculcate quality standards, values and norms that will lead to outstanding internationally recognized community of both staff and students.

The policy will ensure that:

-          The UTAMU’s processes and activities are of the highest quality possible and quality management systems are developed and implemented

-          Both staff and students are in full support of the procedures set by University to adhere to quality standards

-          There is a clear guide in the drafting and maintenance of the University’s quality assurance processes to confirm to internationally standards  There are suitable quality assurance systems in place to realize the vision and mission of the University

-          There are suitable arrangements to monitor and review the effectiveness of such policies

-          Ensure that University graduates have attained competent skills and knowledge through the quality UTAMU academic programmes

-          The University assures all stakeholders including regulatory bodies, of its obligation to provide and follow quality policies, systems and processes in the provision of all its services.

-          A culture of quality awareness and adherence is inculcated within the University stakeholders during service provision in all operations.

-          A system of clearly adopting SWOT for continuous improvement is implemented in all services of the University

-          Opportunities for new initiatives geared to improving quality assurance are easily accepted and adopted by the University through its policy making bodies


UTAMU is committed to ensuring quality teaching and learning, research and engagement. Therefore the quality assurance policy will describe what quality assurance procedures have been put in place to allow UTAMU achieve its strategic vision and mission.


The Director for ICT, Quality Assurance & Library Services, who reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor, will be the overall charge of the quality assurance within the University. S/he is a member of the senate which is responsible for the organization, control and direction of the academic matters of the University and part of the University Management. The director is the custodian of the quality assurance policies and has the mandate to make sure they are implemented across all services. The director determines how the University strategic plan should be implemented with quality A Senate committee for Quality Assurance is responsible for making sure quality.


The Quality Assurance unit is headed by the Quality Assurance Manager.

Dr. Ernest Mwebaze Dr. Mwebaze is the Quality Assurance Manager and also a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Engineering at Uganda Technology and Management University.

He has experience in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ICT for Development and Software Engineering.

Dr. Ernest Mwebaze holds a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning) from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Master of Science in Computer Science and BSc. Electrical Engineering from Makerere University. He has previously held positions of leadership at Makerere University where he worked as a Coordinator for Programmes and Examinations, Assistant Head of Department and acting Head of Department of the Department of Information Technology in the then Faculty of Computing and IT.

He is also an accomplished researcher in the Artificial Intelligence in Developing Countries (AI-DEV) research group where he has published several papers, obtained several innovation awards and won research grants.

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