Student Support Services

On realizing that for effective progressive learning to happen, students need support outside the conventional teaching and learning activities, the Directorate of Academic Affairs initiated innovative ways of providing vital support services to students. To-date, the Office of the DAA provides mentorship and career guidance services to students under the student mentorship and career guidance programmes.

Student Mentorship Programme

Under mentorship, each student is attached to a mentor selected by secret ballot from the pool of mentors to support and guide the student in his/her learning and general life throughout their stay at the university. However, in case a student fails to get along with the mentor or vice versa, the office of the DAA in collaboration with the Dean of the respective school investigate the matter and where necessary, the student is given another mentor. By the beginning of the second semester, each UTAMU student has a mentor actively supporting him/her on key aspects of students’ development such as goal setting, methods of improving grades, development of key soft skills such as communication, etc.

A UTAMU mentor is an established academic at UTAMU but in addition for one to qualify to be assigned students to mentor, he/she must possess the following personal specifications;

  • understand UTAMU vision, mission, values and culture;
  • understand the aims of the student employment programs in the Ugandan Labour Market;
  • is available and willing to spend time with the student, giving appropriate guidance and feedback;
  • enjoys helping others;
  • is open-minded;
  • is flexible, empathetic, and encouraging;
  • has very good communications skills; and
  • is able to stimulate students’ thinking and reflection.

Career Guidance Programme

Under career guidance, students are supported to recognize and use their resources effectively to make right decisions in relation to their career, as well as to successfully resolve problems they may face along their career path. This is based on the realization that while the university’s primary responsibility is preparing students for their entry into the labour market, students who experience uncertainty during the course of their studies regarding their choice of career need guidance and counseling. The purpose of this support service is to facilitate;
  • Providing support to different student needs
  • Intensive cooperation with the world of work/industry
  • Avoidance/reduction of the number of students giving up their studies/taking too long to complete their studies
  • Reduction of unemployment rates
Under this support function, four main services are provided to students:
  • Topical career information via the student's mailing list and the UTAMU weekly newsletter
  • Career counseling via physical meetings, e-mail and telephone.
  • Career guidance seminars that are given twice a semester.
  • Liaison with the world of work through four months of community engagement (field attachment) every academic year.

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