Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) has positioned itself as a high quality education and research institution in the region. The Vision of the University is “To be a global educational institution for management, science, technology and innovation” under the Mission is “To provide global quality education, research and innovation critical to economic and human development. We thus aim at developing unique programmes which are of immense relevance to the world of work. Even those which are already offered by other universities in Uganda, our programmes are distinctively different based on the curriculum line up that not only gives knowledge, skills and competences but aim at changing the attitudes and behaviors of our graduates. We imbed in our curriculum a mix of theoretical and practice oriented courses to achieve these broad goals. Each of the courses offered is taught from its philosophical foundations and students are enabled to see the relevance of these philosophies to the world of work in the contemporary times.

Within the University, programmes are offered under respective schools and departments. In this case, the School of Business and Management which is mandated to run academic programmes and undertake research and innovations in Business and Management disciplines is the host school for the Master of Business administration (MBA). The MBA is aimed at equipping students with skills necessary to compete in a global business arena. The courses covered will give them the opportunity to acquire essential skills, including research skills, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, life-long learning skills, interpersonal skills, intellectual and evaluative skills, problem solving skills, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to immediately apply to the work place in different organizational contexts-public, private and the third sectors. The skills and knowledge acquired will enable the graduates make decisions that span disciplines, innovate, lead change management, manage differences and institutional transformation and continuously learn and develop flexibility of mind. The MBA is a professional programme, which provides practical job oriented skills for people in the areas of specialization including accounting and finance, Oil and gas management, human resources management and international business as well as institutional management and leadership.

Target group

The Program targets busy executives and middle level managers whose work demands a flexible approach.

Objectives of the program

The broad goal of the program is to provide students with the theoretical and practical foundations in content and competencies that will support their development as effective managers and organizational leaders in different contexts. The programme will enable the students to:

  1. Develop the analytical tools for decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems;
  2. Become more informed about critical issues in business administration and leadership, and thus apply intellectual and practitioner oriented approaches to addressing the challenges during their work
  3. Illustrate a clear emphasis on the importance of professional relationships with different functions of an organization
  4. Advance the development of skills in finance and accounting, human resources management, international business, oil and gas management and institutional management and leadership that promote the use of internationally accepted professional standards of competence.
  5. Provide a coherent programme of study which blends the theoretical studies and work experiences of students to broaden and deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge in the various areas;
  6. Provide the students with contemporary skills of analysis, critical thinking, synthesis and evaluation in relation to business dynamics.
  7. Meet the needs of the industries by offering opportunities for further development of their employees.

Program outcomes

At the end of the programme the students will:

  1. Manage organizational resources efficiently and effectively;
  2. Apply the key administrative and management skills in critical decision making;
  3. Develop capabilities in ensuring sustainability of organisations;
  4. Demonstrate superior competence in addressing a myriad of organizational problems within the context of a changing and unstable environment.

Admission Requirements

The candidate must possess the following:
i. A Bachelor’s degree in any field of at least lower second-class honors, or its equivalent from a recognized University

ii. Qualifications in professional programmes such as; ACCA, CPA (U), CPA (K), CIMA, CIPS, ICSA or any other recognized professional qualification.

iii. A relevant Postgraduate Diploma from a recognized institution.


Students could specialize in the following disciplines under the MBA program


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