GeoFinA App

GeoFinA App

GeoFinA is an interactive GIS Application designed to inform effective decisions that affect and expand Financial Service Access to low income households.
The Application makes use of Geospatial data on financial service access, Population and Income levels of households from UBOS and OpenStreetMaps.
This tool will be used by SMEs in the Financial Sector, telecom companies that wish to expand their service coverage, Mobile Money Master Agents who want to identify their new market, policy makers & government agencies like FSD Uganda as a guide to develop policies and products tailored to low income households.

“Access to financial services is a critical factor in the ability of Ugandan households and businesses to develop. We want to use the power of GIS, the availability of relevant data and the great need to improve financial services access in Uganda.”
Despite the significant individual and social benefits of greater use of financial services by low incomegroups, several barriers exclude most of them from accessing:
The Misguided regulations that impose costs disproportional to the intended benefits.
The asymmetries of information about poor people’s financial lives which make it difficult to develop products tailored to meet their needs and create large risks to providers.
NOTE: Addressing barriers to financial service access will require a fundamental shift in the cost structure of financial service delivery, availability of products that are valuable to poor people, and appropriate regulations.
Increasing access to better financial tools can help accelerate the rate at which people move out of poverty and help them maintain economic gains. Nevertheless, 77% of those living on less than $2/day do not have a bank account.


  1. To inform decisions for expanding financial services to low income households
  2. Guide the decision making process to avoid the issue of implementing misguided regulations that impose costs disproportional to their intended benefits.
  3. Help users target investment that expand financial services access for maximum impact.


Application collects data about financial service access, population and their income levels from the Open street Maps API provided by HOT (Humanitarian Open Street Maps).
SMEs / Businessmen identify a region of interest to be analyzed.
A specific data set is filtered and analyzed by the user.
Users are able to identify financial access gaps within a given locality.
The Application visually represents the relationship of the data in form of graphs and charts that can be interpreted.

By: Albert Emurwon – UTAMU UNIVERSITY



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