HOSPI-LINK is an android application that has both offline and online functionality. This app provides users with information on the location of the nearest hospitals to their current location with the help of Google Maps. Users get to know doctor schedules in various hospitals, make appointments with doctors, and get to know about health services offered in hospitals, advice from specialists in certain health fields of your choice, basic first aid on common injuries with the text to audio translation for visually impaired persons. It is known to save time. Once downloaded, the user is ready to go.

Problem being solved

Quite often, people go to hospitals and they end up not being attended to because doctors are not available. In emergence cases, patients can hardly locate the nearest hospital or ambulance. People lack basic information on simple illnesses and first aid tools in case someone got an injury or a scald. This notwithstanding long waits before or between appointments, late admissions of patients. All these are envisioned to be history once the project takes off.

Project Objectives

  • The app will save lives by locating nearest health centres.
  • Offer info on the services offered in different hospitals and doctor schedules.
  • Offer emergence support as well as first aid information.
  • Save time as well as money
  • To give the user an opportunity to acquire timely treatment from the nearest health centre


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