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The Learners Gateway

The Learners Gateway

The teaching and learning processes in most secondary schools across the country are more concentrated on note taking, teachers give students heavy loads, lack the practical feel, lack audio and visual learning materials, lack technological aspect and are generally boring.

About the Innovation

The project will enable students to have access to educational materials with ease and also freely interact with other students using the forum on the site www.learnersgateway.edu.ug to exchange ideas and even better get assistance from teachers in their areas of weakness.

The innovation will also provide students with a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas experience virtual learning and prepare them for the real world.

Project Objectives

  • To make learning interesting, engaging and fun
  • Improve on the quality of education by providing easy access to science based info
  • To connect teachers and students anytime anywhere and enable both students and teachers embrace ICT
  • To bridge the gap between urban and rural schools in the country and enhance 21st century skills through an innovative teaching approach.

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