Uganda Crowdfunding Network (UCN)

Uganda Crowdfunding Network (UCN)

Uganda Crowdfunding Network is an application designed to mitigate the gap between local entrepreneurs and transformation through Crowdfunding.

How the UCN Media Application Works

UCN Media App is a safe and secure online ecosystem comprised of:

  • A live streaming broadcasting platform
  • A Crowdfunding Platform
  • Facebook Social Media Platform
  • Twitter Social Media Platform
  • Contact Form

Entrepreneurs present their business ideas streamed worldwide to investors who get “UCN Radio” App which is downloadable Finally the investors then use the UCN Crowdfunding Platform to invest in profitable and game changing ideas of their choice.

How UCN will help?

As youth unemployment rates continue to rise to historic levels across the country, UCN will help local
investment potential of the online community businesses to boost job creation and social economic transformation  With the advent of Crowdfunding social media,online streaming technology, the environment for has never been more favorable.

Crowdfunding is also a great for both investors and entrepreneurs to discover each other. Instead of relying on traditional methods and investing options, Crowdfunding provides a convenient and exciting way of obtaining an investment or finding.



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