This Application ensures safety of boda boda and users by bringing them together. The App shows all searches of bodas according to names and location in Kampala and users can contact them for a service like easy mobile shopping involving codes, mobile payments, supermarkets and house residents

Boda Fix is a mobile application that allows connecting boda bodas to its customers as well as boasting shopping activities between supermarkets, retailers, wholesalers to their customers. It collects information about boda bodas from the KCCA databases.

It avails commodities being sold in various Supermarkets and their respective prices, in this case the user finds options of supermarkets or retailers that he/she wishes to buy from.

How it works

Users find boda bodas around their area with the help of the App and call in case they are in need of them.

Shopping is done even without going to the market. Transactions are made directly from the buyers mobile money account or bank account to the sellers account. After making buying a transaction code is sent to the buyer which he uses to collect the commodities.

Only trusted bodas are added to the list that facilitates the process of collecting goods from the supermarkets after they have been bought.

In addition to the above, security wise the app has details of the boda bodas where by it makes it easier to trace for one in case of anything.

Boda boda fares can also be made directly to their mobile money accounts.

In other words the mobile App is intended to save time, no need of going to the market, making payment of commodities electronically no need to carry cash.

The team members

  • ·         Isreal Kasingye
  • ·         Otim Ivan Peter
  • ·         Lutakome Hajarah
  • ·         Albert Emuron 

Mentor: Prof. John Ngubiri


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