The Problem:

Many times UMEME bills have been delivered late or never at all; and customers are often subjected to expensive transport costs to UMEME offices besides erroneous and unfair disconnections.

There is always the inconvenience of either travelling to UMEME offices to make payments or making a purchase from any location and then travelling back home to manually load the purchased credit onto the Customer Interface Unit of the current YAKKA meters.

UMEME as a company has faced the problem of energy loss, which stands at about 20%; due to vandalism, power theft and slow repair/maintenance procedures.


CELL-YAKKA will allow a customer purchase credit and load it remotely without having to travel home to manually dial the Customer Interface Unit, by enabling remote communication between a customer and his/her YAKKA meter at home. UMEME personnel will be able to monitor all power lines and YAKKA meters from a central location.

How it works:

Besides the guided communication with the Customer Interface Unit; the YAKKA meter will transmit and receive unguided data to and from the nearest telecom company transmitter within its radius; get connected to telecom servers, UMEME servers, bank servers and finally any mobile user with CELL-YAKKA activated on their phone. All active YAKKA meters on the national grid will hence have their information stored and monitored from a central database on the UMEME server.


The customers can receive accurate real time statements of their transactions with UMEME; and monitor their meters remotely with the freedom of making transactions at anytime from anywhere.

With the ability to monitor the activities of all YAKKA meters on the national grid, UMEME personnel can easily identify and respond to power failures without having to wait for customer complaints. They will also be able to notice power failures due to vandalism and theft.

On the whole, CELL-YAKKA will do the following:

Improve on UMEME-customer transactions, improve on safety and security on power lines, enhance power loss reduction to below 5%, improve repair/maintenance processes, reduce power costs and finally improve the overall service delivery of UMEME. 

TEAM LEADER – AKIIM PATRICK OJOK / akiim.ojokali@utamu.ac.ug 


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