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The Chairperson of Board of Directors has appointed Professor Sadiq Yusuf as the new Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU). 

Prof. Sadiq Yusuf, New Vice Chancellor - Uganda Technology and Management University

Prof. Yusuf is a professor of Physiology and has over 25 years experience in teaching, managing scientific research and academic education of undergraduate and postgraduate students. He is well experienced in the circles of universities in Uganda and has worked with Kampala International University – Western Campus where he raised from senior lecturer to Deputy Vice Chancellor (2005 – 2015); St. Augustine International University as Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs (2016 – March 2019).  

He has more than 10 years of administrative experience in university governance, policies and procedures, accreditation and quality assurance process, budget development, organizational leadership and relationship building with students and staff.

Prof. Yusuf replaces Prof. Benon Basheka whose term ended in August 2019. His contract as Vice Chancellor will run for a period of three (3) years with effect from 6th November 2019 and shall be eligible for re-appointment for one more term subject to satisfactory performance.

Beyond his teaching and research experience,  Prof. Yusuf is also the chairperson, Steering Committee to Establish the Sali International School of Fertility Medicine and Endoscopy Surgery, Women’s Hospital International and fertility Centre in Kampala.

He is also a co-founder of Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development (TReND) in Africa, a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the advancement of science research and education in Africa. His research combines neurophysiological, behavioral, biochemistry, anatomical and molecular approaches to understand the fundamental principles involved in the regulation of gastric secretions, the role of brain-gut axis in the gastric mucosa protection; and more recently understanding the cellular mechanisms that are involved in the learning and memory processes in the face micronutrient deficiency especially in children.

Felix Jurugo and Victor Arinaitwe, Bsc. Computer Engineering finalists at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) have developed a device that can direct blind persons without the burden of having to hold a walking stick all the time.

A blind man with a walking stick.

Jurugo says this device – BLIND AID - helps notify the blind person of obstacle's location even before they reach it

Weather negatively impacts cane travelers especially during the rainy season and the blind find it difficult to tap or sweep the walking stick/cane around the streets.

A walking stick can be more cumbersome and they always get stuck in cracks and routinely you get a poke in the stomach.

“But also probing canes have proven to be so expensive and lots of blind children are not able to afford them,” says Jurugo, adding, “Which is why we invent a cheaper alternative to the probing cane.”

This blind aid device also allows the blind person’s caretaker or the relative responsible to remotely monitor the blind person’s location and movements.

Two finalists in the computing school at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU), Nalujjumwa Tessa Tracy and Jonathan Nyanga have designed a Luganda voice-commanded Low-Cost Control Unit for motorized wheel chairs.

Nalujjumwa Tessa Tracy and Jonathan Nyanga (middle) with their supervisors.

Using an Arduino micro-controller, a few motors, microphone and deep-learning algorithms, the two developers were able to have a few keywords recognized by their system, which in turn rotated the motors accordingly.

According to Tracy, they were motivated by the increasing number of People with Disabilities (PWDs) in the country that face impaired mobility.

A Luganda voice-commanded Low-Cost Control Unit for motorized wheel chairs.

With this project, they intend to increase the independence of People with Severe Physical Impairments while catering for the low-earning natives to whom imported motorized wheel chairs are expensive.


Nalujjumwa Tessa Tracy (right) and Jonathan Nyanga (left), the developers of the innovation.


Several students and parents have different reasons as to why they choose to study or have their children study in a certain university, college or school. Some consider the study facilities (structures), courses offered, services, fees stricture among other reasons.

UTAMU is confident in the quality it offers its students.

The newly admitted students during the orientation ceremony.

At a recent orientation ceremony held on Friday, 13th September at UTAMU Campus in Bugolobi, the newly admitted students were assured of receiving quality education and nurturing during their study time at the university.

While welcoming the new students, the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jude Lubega thanked them for making the ‘best choice’ to study at UTAMU.

“Most of you were recommended by someone to enroll in this university, which means that person appreciated the quality offered at UTAMU,” said Prof. Lubega. “You came for the knowledge and that is exactly what you will get.”

The orientation ceremony was attended by both undergraduate and postgraduate students who were addressed by both Academic and Management staff.

A student asking a question at orientation.

The Dean School of Business and Management (SBM), Ms Faith Ahabyoona, in her remarks said the school aims to help students flourish in their studies and careers with the help of lecturers who are specialists in the different fields.

“In the SBM, we give a stimulating environment and challenge the students to think and be creative. Therefore as you are here at UTAMU, make sure you utilize us as lecturers,” she challenged the students.

The Dean School of Computing and Engineering, Dr. Drake Mirembe emphasized on UTAMU’s mission of being a leader in providing quality education, research and innovation critical to socio-economic and human development.

“UTAMU is about innovation, knowledge generation and impact to the community,” said Dr. Mirembe as he further explained that that UTAMU lives by the same promises it gives.

“At UTAMU we focus on small numbers, high quality and best output. We stand for quality and value our brand,” he noted.

The orientation exercise introduced the new students to the UTAMU culture, the teaching and learning approach, what is expected of them and what to expect from UTAMU administration and faculty and other issues necessary to get them ready for their learning journey at UTAMU.


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