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The UTAMU University Council, the institution’s supreme decision making body has appointed Prof. Jude Lubega the Acting Vice Chancellor (VC) of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).


Pic: Prof. Jude Lubega.

The University Council at its 18th Meeting held on Tuesday, 27th August 2019, appointed Professor Jude Lubega as Acting Vice Chancellor until a substantive VC is appointed.

According to section 32 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, in the absence of the Vice Chancellor, the first Deputy VC performs the role of the VC.

Prof. Lubega is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University responsible for the Academic affairs of the University.


UTAMU Vice Chancellor Prof. Benon Basheka has bid farewell to staff and student praising them for their commitment and hard work during his leadership.

Prof. Benon Basheka. 

Prof. Basheka was installed Vice Chancellor of Uganda Technology and Management University on 1st October 2015 and has led the university for 3 years and 11 months.

In his message to staff, Prof Basheka highly commends the sacrifice the staff has made to ensure UTAMU grows. “I valued your services under my leadership. Keep your hopes high and you can always achieve the best.”  

“Ensure you maintain your integrity and professionalism. I wish you all the best,” he added.

To the students, “It was indeed my greatest pleasure to have met all of you at UTAMU,” said Basheka and encouraged all the current or former students to leave their hopes high and always aspire to achieve to the greatest heights.

“Have a belief that if others can prosper and become successful, you can also achieve and prosper,” said Prof. Basheka.

The staff and student’s went ahead to pour out their hearts and praise him for the guidance, mentorship and leadership. Below are some of their responses:

“Thank you Prof. for all your guidance”

“It was a privilege to serve under your leadership and mentorship. I earned a lot and grew my capacity and I will forever be grateful to you. Let God almighty guide you in your life journey so that you can fulfill you potential in life.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to simply thank you for almost 5 years of high quality service and excellent performance, you indeed is the reason why most of us here at UTAMU turned out to be hardworking and gained dedication towards our work each day.

Your continuous support and motivation made me reach this day because you know very clearly how to bring the best out of your employees. I wish I could get a boss like you in all my future jobs.”


Dr. Drake Mirembe, Dean School of Professional and Vocational Education has emphasized on the importance of collaboration between universities in order to enrich students learning experiences.

Dr. Drake Mirembe, Dean SPVE with international students from Univerzita Karlova in Czech Republic.

“UTAMU is building collaborations through exchange programs with other universities so as to enrich student learning experiences,” says Dr. Mirembe. He made the remarks at a meeting with international students from Univerzita Karlova in Czech Republic whom he is supporting in supervision as they had come for a visit at UTAMU Campus.

Dr. Drake Mirembe, Dean SPVE with international students from Univerzita Karlova in Czech Republic​​​​​​​.

The students are in Uganda for six months researching on how Aid facilitates development programs in Africa. The research is to identify the role of beneficiaries in the design of these development programs and how these programs are being delivered in the communities.

Dr. Mirembe added that through these exchange programs, students can be paired to develop innovations that can solve society problems.

Author: Prof. Benon Basheka

Journal: Administratio Publica, Vol 26 No 1 

An increase in Women and Women Owned Businesses has been registered in both developed and developing countries. But regardless, women remain with challenges and difficulty in accessing opportunities to participate in public procurement.

Prof. Benon Basheka in his recent article published in Administratio Publica addresses opportunities, barriers and strategies to Women Entrepreneur’s Participation in Public Procurement in Uganda.

In his study, Prof. Basheka addresses three key issues: opportunities for women and their enterprises, the barriers to their participation and policy and management action strategies needed to address this dilemma.

The analysis of the survey responses in terms of the status of women’s participation in PP bidding in Uganda showed that the majority (38%) of respondents had never participated in PP bidding, 31% had done so just a few times, 14% regularly participated, while 8% participated very often.

A number of barriers to women participating in Uganda were also reported in the literature including women capacity, information accessibility, financing and Policy-Regulatory Frameworks.

In the study, respondents were asked their views on how they felt about each of the factors and 92% of respondents said women lacked training, 83% agreed that women lacked information on tendering opportunities, 79% agreed that women’s enterprises lacked capacity in preparing competitive bids, 70% agreed that most women’s businesses are too small yet most government contracts were too big and 64% of the respondents agreed that most women entrepreneurs lacked entrepreneurial skills.

The major reasons for failure of women enterprises to participate in some government tenders in Uganda were recorded to include; Lack of capacity, suspicion that selection process favours insiders, difficulty competing with large firms, education level, lack of adequate knowledge, bidder collusion, tendering is too complicated, low mobilisation power of resources for the down-payment, lower experience levels in some of the areas tendered, low self-esteem among others.

Read Full Article at: LINK

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