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Dr. Erasma Demeris Rutechura
Dr. Erasma Demeris RutechuraDean Law School

UTAMU Law School was established in 2022 to provide unparalleled opportunities to study law in a rigorous, vibrant, and collaborative environment. The school is mandated to undertake legal research and innovation.

The school is in the process of establishing its maiden Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree programme which is set to be launched in May 2023.

The school is premised on the notion that theory cannot be separated from practice. Our curriculum integrates practical experience, professional responsibility, and lawyering skills with doctrinal study at every level. What forms the core of our lawyering curriculum are the skills recognized by the legal profession as essential to successful law practice: problem solving, legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, factual investigation, communication (legal writing, oral argument), counseling, negotiation, litigation and alternative dispute-resolution, culturally competent practice protocols, organization and management of legal work, and recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas.

We believe that studying law at the UTAMU Law School will go beyond choosing one of the most prestigious and comprehensive legal educations in Uganda.


The Bachelor of Laws will prepare our students for the practice of law immediately upon graduation by fusing the theory of law to the practice of law through skill development exercises.

It will provide a challenging and broad-based education designed to stimulate intellectual inquiry of the highest order, and to foster in each student a deep sense of professional responsibility and personal integrity so as to produce competent and socially responsible members of the legal profession.

LLB first-year curriculum will entirely be prescribed to ensure a foundation for study in the upper years. The first-year curriculum is mandatory for all students. In addition to core law courses (Contract Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Property Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Research and Writing), every student will have mandatory Indigenous Law courses in both their first and second year.

Students will experience our innovative study curriculum designed to prepare them for all types of legal roles. We support our students to become thoughtful and effective lawyers in all environments.

Upper-year electives cover a broad spectrum of interests. Law electives will be selected from a variety of courses such as Commercial Law, Insurance Law, International Law, Critical Race Theory, Labor and Employment, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Insolvency law, Tax Law, Banking law, Environmental Law, and many other topics.

Dr. Erasma Demeris Rutechura  
Dr. Ernest Katwesigye Masters in Business Administration (General Management), Diploma in Legal Practice (Post-Graduate bar Course, Bachelor of Laws

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Bugolobi Campus

Plot 2 Erisa Rd, Kiswa Bugolobi Kampala;
P.O Box 73307 Kampala Uganda
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Kungu Campus

Plot 8374 Block 82 Kyadondo, Kungu, Gombe, Nansana, Wakiso;
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