Guidelines for Long Distance Students

The Director Academic Affairs wishes to congratulate all long distance students who have been admitted at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) in the January, May and September Intake.

For all long distance and foreign based students, their studies are conducted electronically ie in form of audio, video, e-mail, chat, teleconferencing, and most often the Internet. Below are the following guidelines on the teaching and learning of distance students;

1. Registration

1.1 All students are required to register within the first two weeks of the semester. The requirements for registration for new students include;

  • Admission Letter
  • Receipt from the Finance Office obtainable after verification of the bank slip for fees payment
  • Uganda Certificate of Education or its equivalent
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent
  • Relevant Degree/Diploma certificates and Transcripts for those applying for postgraduate courses
  • Three (3) passport size photographs showing your current likeness (head and shoulders)
  • An Identity card from the previous school/ college
  • Birth Certificate

The requirements for registration for continuing students include;

  • A filled registration form
  • Receipt from the Finance Office obtainable after verification of the bank slip for fees payment. 

1.2 Students intending to study under the distance learning option must indicate that they are  long distance students during registration in their first year first semester,  and provide their contacts (e-mail address and phone number(s)).

1.3 Students living in Uganda are required to report to UTAMU campus physically every first day of the Semester to register, meet their lecturers and enroll for all the courses for that semester.

1.4 Students based in foreign countries will register electornically by filling and scanning the registration form and all the required documentation. 

2. UTAMU e-mail address and access to the e-learning, and e-library system

2.1 All new students must get UTAMU email accounts by the end of the first week of year one semester one to be able to access learning and library materials. This is  given by the Directorate of ICT and Library Services headed by Dr. Johnson Mwebaze (

2.2 Each student must ensure that they have access to all course materials for the current semester available on the e-learning platform upon registration. If not, he/she should contact the specific lecturer or contact the Directorate of Library and ICT services ( and copy  the Administrative Officer in charge of distance students (, if the problem is not about a specific course.

2.3 Each student must have access to the UTAMU e-library upon registration and if not, he/she should report to Directorate of Library and ICT services ( and copy the Administrative Officer in charge of distance students (

3. Teaching and Learning

3.1 Students must immediately inform the Lecturers, respective Dean and the  Administrator in charge of Distance students whenever they have a problem.

3.2 Each student is required to share bi-weekly updates of the learning activities he/she has been involved in clearly indicating what he/she learnt and raise any challenges met. These will be filed for purposes of tracking a students‘ participation in learning and those that will not have participated at least 80% in the learning, will not be allowed to sit for exams.

4. Tests and examinations

4.1 The tests and examination dates if not confirmed by the beginning of the semester will be announced to students at least a month before tests/exams commence and the time table will be shared at least two weeks before the beginning of tests/exams

4.2 For students living in Uganda, tests and exams will be done physically at UTAMU Campus according to the university Almanac that is available on the university website

4.3 Students based in foreign countries, will be given electronic tests and exams during the the same day and time as the on campus students.

5. Fees Payment

The university fees payment policy allows students to make fees payments in five installments as shown below: 

Payment of all functional fees should be done on the 1st day of every semester

  • ·         30% fees by 5th week of the semester
  • ·         60% fees by the 8th week of the semester
  • ·         80% fees by the 10 week of the semester
  • ·         100% fees by the 12th week of the semester

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