The EMBA is a professional programme, which provides practical job oriented skills for people already employed in senior positions. It can also be beneficial to middle level managers whose career interests lie in executive positions with public, private and NGO sectors. The University’s Executive MBA is a transformational experience, both personally and professionally. It equips you with the skills, knowledge and networks to propel your career - wherever you decide to take it. Taught by world-renowned faculty, with immense experience and exposure in different jurisdictions, graduates benefit from the diverse perspectives of peers from a wide variety of job functions and industry sectors.

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is aimed at equipping corporate level executives and managers in institutions/ organizations/ companies with skills necessary to provide leadership and management and be able to offer policy direction for the growth of the organization/ institution/ company. The programme targets managers of various professional backgrounds in the private and public sectors and non-governmental organizations. Thus, learning together with accomplished and experienced chief executives and managers provides an environment for experiential learning and best practices sharing.  The students will be able to apply problem solving and decision making tools in corporate situations. The EMBA is focused on producing graduates, who are able to analyse corporate contexts, develop vision and strategic focus, influence policy, problem solving and decision making and offer effective leadership in organizations. In other words EMBA has a strategic leadership, organizational change, re-engineering and growth orientation. EMBA is designed to help senior professionals realize their potential whilst delivering international general management competence to their organisations. The EMBA exposes participants to a breadth of knowledge across every discipline of business and management.

Target group

The Program targets busy executives and middle level managers whose work demands a flexible approach.

Objectives of the program

The Executive Master of Business Administration program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective leader and manager in any reputable organization. It embraces students from all backgrounds but with working experience of at least 3 years. The main goal of the programme is to equip students with knowledge and competencies and transform them into effective leaders and managers of reputable organizations.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Provide the students with analytical, critical thinking and other key managerial skills;

  • Develop analytical tools for decision making in technically competitive corporate world;

  • Produce leaders and managers who are can ably apply technology/ICT in management and operations of organisations;

  • Advance the development of skills in leadership and management that promote the use of internationally accepted professional standards of Total Quality Management (TQM).

  • Deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students in problem solving, policy formulation and implementation and in management of organisations.

  • Develop skills and tools for organizational growth and development.

  • Meet the needs of the organisations by offering opportunities for further development of their employees who meet the minimum admission requirements of the programme.

Program Outcomes

At the end of the programme the students will:

  1. Demonstrate effectiveness as  Chief Executive Officers/ Managers;

  2. Apply technological/ ICT skills in modern management of institutions.

  3. Demonstrate high level of analytical skills in decision-making.

  4. Apply knowledge in organizational theory and management to be able to successfully implement policies within the context of the organization.


Students who study the EMBA can specialize in the following disciplines


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