Record keeping is essential on every farm. It is the heart beat of any poultry farm. As the farmer you need to have this information at hand for efficient running of the farm. This app is going to help the farmer to keep accurate records digitally, it is going to be synchronized in such away that the owner of the farm can easily access these records on his phone without necessarily going to the farm.


  • To improve efficiency of record keeping and ease management.
  • Aim to reduce on expenses of the farm.


  • Trust.
  • Expenses incurred while installing the technology.
  • Low IT literacy levels.


This application is going to benefit both the farmers and the owner of the farm. The farmers will be able to take records and instantly the owner gets this information. This will help the owner efficiently run the farm with- out him being there. This will save him a lot of time & costs (fuel) in travels.

Just in case of emergencies he will be able to respond to them quickly because he will get the information instantly.


This innovation is going to totally change the way farmers handle record keeping. This can be adopted even in dairy farms, ranches etc.




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