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A Hybrid Irrigation System Application for Farmers


A number of farmers in some parts of Uganda have embraced irrigation due to the onset climate change and abnormal long droughts which has caused disastrous crop failure and death of farmed animals.  However, the regular irrigation sessions on the gardens has increased the farmer’s workload and expenditure.


Collins Niwagaba, a postgraduate student at Uganda Technology and Management University has developed a Hybrid Irrigation System that can help reduce on the farmer’s workload and increase yield potential. This is an intelligent control system and cloud computing that uses several sensors, a micro-controller and other devices to monitor the garden so as to autonomously determine when it is appropriate to irrigate the farmland, thus reducing the farmer’s workload and increase yield potential.

This irrigation solution aims to improve livelihoods of rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices especially irrigation.
Worldwide, application of water and its management has been an essential factor in raising productivity of agriculture and ensuring predictability in outputs. Water is essential to bring forth the potential of the land and to enable improved varieties of plants to make full use of other yield-enhancing production factors. By raising productivity, sustainable water management (especially when combined with adequate soil husbandry) helps to ensure better production both for direct consumption and for commercial disposal.

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