Public Administration is a multi-disciplinary field concerned with the management of public affairs at whatever level. Public Administration is essentially concerned with the public service. It focuses on the performance of government in formulating and implementing public policies, the skills required to manage the civil service, and the ethics and values which should guide the conduct of public affairs at all levels. In its endeavor, the discipline borrows from other disciplines like law, political science, sociology, economics etc. A programme in Public Administration and Management educates its target audiences in the skills and competences of having a proper attitude to public service as a vocation.

The Masters in Public Administration and Management (MPAM) is designed as a two -year programme that analyses public management issues using models and concepts from the social sciences disciplines to raise the level of analysis of public management and to develop more efficient and resourceful public sector managers/administrators. The curriculum provides a broad range of analytical and conceptual skills in critical areas needed for managing in a changing public sector global environment in a developing country context. The programme curriculum gives skills in managing the critical human, financial and material resources of public sector organizations. The program is therefore designed with the learner’s expectations at the forefront, the programme is essential to prepare public administration and Management students who blend the theoretical concepts with practical dimensions of administration and encourages a broadened academic and professional perspective.

Target group

Students who undertake this programme will be in position to work in any sector of government, private sector and NGO as administrators and managers. Specifically, careers in government agencies, international agencies, local governments, urban authorities, hospitals will target graduates of MPAM degree. There are many other different job opportunities for graduates in the business world for graduates of public administration. Public administration degree holders will thus have great career flexibility and will work in almost any area of their interests as administration is in every sector of our society.

Programme objectives

The programme has the objective to enhance students’ theoretical, conceptual and practical understanding of:

  1. Responsible government, good governance and effective leadership.
  2. Public administration and management in a changing environment.
  3. Policy design, policy implementation and policy impact.
  4. Financial management, information and knowledge management, human resource management.

Program outcomes4

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:4

  1. Effectively manage the human, financial and material resources of public sector as well as other organizations;
  2. Apply the best public administration and Management skills and best practices in delivery of public services at any level of administrative jurisdiction with a high degree of efficiency;
  3. Mobilize resources for public, private and NGO sector programmes and conduct effective Monitoring and evaluation of these programmes.
  4. Establish organizational systems fit for the 21st delivery of public services to the changing audiences

Specializations under MPAM

Under the Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM), a student can have options to specialize from and these include;

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