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The full Master of Monitoring and Evaluation has been developed based on the CEval and UTAMU modules. 

Using state of the art e-learning facilities, highly qualified staff and unique teaching and learning models from both institutions, this programme is expected to train the best Monitoring and Evaluation experts in the region there by addressing the gap faced by governments in implementing policies and interventions in both public and private sectors.  



Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Stockmann is the holder of the Chair of Sociology at Saarland University and director of the CEval. He has been occupying himself for almost 30 years with theories and methods of evaluation research. He has headed up more than 200 evaluation studies, particularly in the areas of development cooperation, education and the environment, or conducted them himself, and developed a comprehensive programme for education and training. In total, he has published more than 20 books, among some textbooks which had been published in different languages.

With the aim of further professionalizing the field of evaluation, he founded the Center for Evaluation (CEval) at Saarland University in 2002, and is now its director. He has also developed the study course 'Master of Evaluation' in cooperation with other tertiary institutions in Saarland. The course was introduced at Saarland University in the winter semester of 2004/05, and was the first evaluation study course in Germany.
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Adjuncted Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Meyer

Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Meyer is currently the Deputy Director of CEval, Coordinator of Division environment and labour market. He has been the Research associate at Chair of Sociology at Saarland University since 1998. He has a Doctorate at Philosophical Faculty, Technical University of Chemnitz and a Venia Legendi in Sociology at Saarland University. In 2015,UTAMU appointed him adjunct professor. He published more than a dozen books and countless papers on evaluation in English, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Moreover, he has managed more than thirty evaluation projects on the local, regional, national and international level, merely on environmental and labour market issues.

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Sandra Schopper, M.A

Sandra Schopper is currently working as a research associate at Saarland University and CEval.
She is responsible for managing the Master of Evaluation at Saarland University and Applied University HTW, which she had studied before. Moreover, she gained experiences as a coordinator of the university's mentoring program and as a research associate at the centre for Key qualifications at Saarland University.


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