Mr. Charles Ocici Warns Students Against a Negative Mindset

Executive Director Enterprise Uganda Charles Ocici has advised students and staff to have a positive mindset if they are to be successful entrepreneurs.


Mr. Charles Ocici, Executive Director Enterprise Uganda

“Have an independent mindset and be able to challenge every general negative statement that is hindering your from being an excellent entrepreneur.”

Mr. Ocici made the remarks on Friday, 10th February 2017 in an Entrepreneurship Session with UTAMU students and staff.

He tasked the students to Take Action Now while still studying than to wait for a job at the end of the course.

“How can full-time student make money at the same time excel in his/her studies?” Mr Ocici asked. He revealed the challenge that many unemployed youth face today in Uganda which is searching for jobs and not getting them because there are no relevant places to take them.

However, he urged the students to be multi-tasking individuals. “Opportunities to multiply and make business are numerous in this country, therefore utilize them,” Mr Ocici said.

Mr. Ocici further highlighted how a person can distinguish himself from the crowd and be the best at his or her job. He explained the 2Cs that employers look out for before hiring someone.

  • ·         Character - Has elements to do with your behavior, mindset, ethics and integrity
  • ·         Competency - Has elements of results, productivity and competitiveness.

He noted that a person of character gives much more to the client than size of the cheque he/she gets. “Aim at giving much more than you paid and do not shout about it,” Ocici said.

Mr. Ocici also highlighted the different traps of excuses which are a cancer for success as someone who;-

  • Always criticizes someone else or things for his challenges and failures
  • Complains about everything in life
  • Always condemning someone or something and
  • Never grateful for anything in life

“Excuses numb the BRAIN and no effort for creative alternative solutions to a problem,” he added.



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