Focus on Understanding Not Passing Exams – Don

UTAMU don has advised newly admitted students to focus on understanding what they are taught in class and not cram to pass exams.

Assoc. Prof. John Ngubiri, Dean School of Computing and Engineering speaking at the undergraduate orientation for September 2017 Intake.

“At UTAMU, we mind about whether you have understood and learnt what has been taught and not whether you have passed or failed,” said Dr. John Ngubiri, Dean School of Computing and Engineering (SCE).

He made the remarks speaking at the Undergraduate orientation ceremony for September 2017 Intake held on Monday, 11th September 2017 at UTAMU Campus in Bugolobi.

The professor also encouraged students to more active in class since UTAMU teaching and learning is student centered and practical. UTAMU offers learner-centered teaching and learning whereby students are active participants in learning and co-constructors of knowledge as opposed to passive recipients. 

“At UTAMU, a teacher is only a facilitator. Teachers only give 100% of what they want but assess you on 100% of what they need. Therefore, you must be an active participant in the academic cycle,” said Dr. Ngubiri.

 “UTAMU wants you to learn and not to cram,” he added.

The professor further highlighted the six levels of learning which include;-.

  • Recall – Can you recall what was taught?
  • Understand – Did you understand what was taught?
  • Apply – Can you apply the knowledge you acquired in your studies?
  • Evaluate – If given a scenario, can you be able to interpret it
  • Synthesize – Can you produce something from what you learnt.
  • Create – If given a problem, can you create a solution to it from the knowledge acquired in your studies?

He further encouraged students to be open whenever they face challenges in their studies because UTAMU encourages an open mind.

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