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UTAMU Don Awarded for Supporting Research in Netherlands

UTAMU Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jude Lubega was on Monday, 28th May 2018 recognized for supporting research at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Prof. Jude Lubega holding his award alongside Prof. dr. Henk Sol, a professor at the University of Groningen.

The professor received an award when he had gone to witness his student - Dr. Robert Tweheyo defend his PhD thesis at the University of Groningen

Dr. Tweheyo is the thirteenth PhD student to be supervised by Prof. Lubega.

Congratulations Professor for your academic achievement.

UTAMU Alumnus Appointed Member of the Uganda Dental Board

Dr. Joseph Michael Tukei Okwadi

A UTAMU PhD alumnus has been appointed a member of the Uganda Dental Board that represents dental technologists in Uganda under Ministry of Health. Dr. Joseph Michael Tukei Okwadi is an alumnus of the MUST-UTAMU PhD collaboration programme alumna and also a police officer with the Uganda Police Force.

He has been re-appointed a member for the dental board where his contract will run for three years. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Tukei served as the President of the Uganda Dental Officers and Technologists Association for seven years from 2007 - 2014. He was later appointed a member at the Dental Board where he spent two years (2014-2016).

The Dental Board oversees and assists the council in Ministry of Health to do main three functions.They play a supervisory role of ensuring that the institutions which teach dental related courses observe rules and regulations governing the dentistry body.

Dr. Tukei demonstrating how to clean teeth using ultrasonic scaler in his private clinic located at Ovino Shopping Mall downtown Kampala.

The board also supervises both private and government owned dental clinics and laboratories. “The board ensures that all dental practitioners observe the right code of conduct in managing patients and also in the management of the dental laboratories and clinics throughout the country,” says Dr. Tukei.

“The board also helps in guiding the Uganda Dental Officers and Technologists Association in conducting its continuous medical education in the country so that members of the association can be acquitted with the current knowledge.”

It also guides the MoH council in vetting qualifications of cadres in dental and also in approving before one is given license to practice.

Dr. Tukei working on a patient in his clinic.

The dental industry in Uganda faces a number of challenges and one of them is limited infrastructure in the country, according to Dr. Tukei. Initially, Uganda had only one dental school and would admit the maximum of three students.

Limited equipment is one of the major limitations according to Dr. Tukei. “Dental equipment is extremely expensive but it is also an expensive course that requires a student to have got high points to study it”.

Dr. Tukei at a dental outreach program in Namilyango College.

He further calls upon the government of Uganda to appreciate dentistry as any other branch of medicine and for it to be given equal attention and budget. “To me dentistry is important as any other branch of medicine because the mouth is taken to be a mirror of the whole body,” said Dr. Tukei.

Dr. Tukei has so far mentored more than 270 students and dentists all over the country.


UTAMU to Promote Digital Literacy at the 6th Intergenerational Literacy Leaner's Conference in Uganda

Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) will join Uganda at the 6th National Intergenerational Cross Cultural and Multilingual Literacy Learners Conferences to promote digital literacy to the communities in WestNile.

Dr. Willy Ngaka speaking at the 2014 conference.

The conference is scheduled to take place from 22rd – 27th of May 2018 at St. John Bosco Core PTC- Lodonga study Centre in Yumbe District, under the theme; “Literacies, disasters and bio-diversity: integrating cultures and literacies into disaster responses for sustainable use of the environment”.

UTAMU is one of the organizations who are joining hands in organizing the 2018 Intergenerational Literacy Leaner's Conference. Among the partners are: URLCODA, NEMA, Maendeleo Foundation, Lugbara Kari, Yumbe District Local Government, Makerere University Centre for Lifelong Learning, among others.

At this year’s conference, UTAMU will promote digital literacy, teach the people on how to use ICT tools.

Speaking to the students, Dr. Willy Ngaka, the Dean Graduate School UTAMU, who is also a coordinator of the conference said, “In the near fiuture, learning will primarily be driven by ICT.”

And UTAMU being a technology-driven university, the students and staff who will be participating in the conference will make a difference by training the communities on how to embrace ICT in their lives.

“This conference offers the disadvantaged people an opportunity to learn, articulate issues affecting them, interact and engage with academicians and intellectuals,” said Dr. Ngaka.

He implored the students to use the knowledge they acquire in schools as a tool to transform their communities.

“A good university must stand on seven pillars among which is; research, innovation, community engagement and knowledge to transform communities.”

The annual Intergenerational Literacy Leaner's Conference brings together people who are non-illiterate – those who cannot effectively engage with text to interpret the environment, engage, collaborate and learn.

This year, the conference aims at creating an open and conducive space to enhance integrated learning opportunities that are structured around “out-of-school” literacy practices in order to foster socio-cultural, economic and political transformation of the Ugandan communities.

Special attention will be addressed to West Nile regions that have had a refugee influx, so that they can harmoniously co-exist and sustainably use the available meagre natural resources to survive in looming environmental catastrophe.

The conference will enable the voiceless, poor and mainly unschooled members of the community, to access non-formal and informal learning opportunities structured around people’s every day experiences.

UTAMU Hosts First Ever Indabax Uganda Workshop

Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU)  hosted the first ever Indabax workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Uganda on 29th March 2018 at Silver Springs Hotel.

Group photo of all the participants at the 2018 Indabax-UG workshop

Organized under the theme; “Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence”, the workshop was attended by students from UTAMU, Makerere,Kyambogo, Busitema University and Islamic University in Uganda.

It engaged students on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning can be utilized to solve society problems in Uganda and Africa.
The Deep Learning Indaba has two principal aims: to increase African participation and contribution to the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine mitLearning, and address issues of diversity in these fields of science.

In the opening remarks, Prof. Jude Lubega, Deputy Vice Chancellor UTAMU called upon all the young researchers to embrace the potential of artificial Intelligence. 

“As young researchers, you can do a lot in this field, come up with solutions to deal with problems affecting societies in Uganda and Africa,” said Prof. Jude. 

“There are many areas in Africa where Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be utilized such as agriculture, banking, business and even Education,” he added.

Dr. Ernest Mwebaze highlighted potential areas in which AI can fully be engaged especially in the developing world. 

“Artificial Intelligence can be utilized for example in warning of outbreaks/shocks such as prediction of outbreaks like cholera, landslides in Bududa mudslides and also in monitoring of effects of these outbreaks,” said Dr. Ernest.

Mr. Vitalis Aliku also highlighted why Deep Learning is needed in the increasing computational power and large amount of labelled data. 

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