Practical Ways to Complete Your Degree on Time

Joining university for many is always an exciting opportunity since it offers students a chance to meet new friends, to be free and away from their parents as they transition from childhood to being independent adults.

Pic on Left: UTAMU graduates celebrate after receiving their degrees.

The story of completing the degree course however costs more than just excitement and university freedom. Research indicates that while enrollment in universities seems to be high, the completion rates are low. Your degree could be a gateway to a fulfilling and successful career.  Here are some tips that will help you to focus and complete your course on time;

Be convinced about the course you are doing
Always ask yourself; will this degree get me where I want to go? Are you passionate about the course? Are you aware of the career options available? Do you really like the course you chose? Passion is key for it gives you the drive you need to get your tasks done and ultimately complete your course on time.

Develop Time-Management Skills

You will need to be an effective time manager throughout your program to complete the course works and assignments on time. University programmes have deadlines and students are expected to complete tasks on time. As a professional in the making, you will need to set aside regular time to work on your degree. It’s the best way to keep moving forward smoothly.

Get your study area organized

With so much work to be done in the next few years, being organized is a key strategy. Every student needs a very organized study area where they can relax, take a deep breath, and then focus on the task in front of them. This area should be free from distractions and exclusively used to get work done.

List down your priorities

Pursuing a degree is a daunting task and to complete it, you need to prioritize. Generate a list of all the tasks at hand and the deadlines. Every day, commit to accomplishing some tasks. You may want to minimize social events and focus on completing your degree. In fact, you should feel comfortable postponing or canceling anything that doesn’t require your immediate attention. It’s a good idea to let your friends and family know about your degree project so you can have the time to concentrate on your studies.
Take advantage of the online services

It’s very unlikely that the lecturer will give you 100% of the course load and so as a student, you will need a laptop and internet to research on topics that you failed to comprehend and to continue with personal reading. This will ultimately give mileage to your studies.

Network and socialize
University is where you are going to build bonds with people, potentially for life. One of the best things you can do while at university is build up a network of contacts in industry and academia. These are the people who will offer you jobs and opportunities; these are the people who will be a good reference that will shape your future for a dream job.

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Utilize these tips and get the most of your university degree, acquire the practical skills and advance your career.



UTAMU Launches App for Parents to View Children’s Results

UTAMU has developed a mobile application that gives parents access to their children’s results.

This is a way to keep parents updated on their children’s performance in class.

MyGrades PASSA is a Parent Student Support Application with features to help the parents access a number of services from their university using their mobile phone.

Results/Marks: This application allows parents who have students at UTAMU to access results of the children on their mobile phones. This application fetches all the information about the students from MyGrades SASA Application.

Financial Information: The parent is also able to access financial information about the student i.e a mini statement of the fees paid by the student.

Help Desk: This works like a suggestion box where the parent will express their complaint or views about the student or the university.

Chat: A parent is also able to chat with the Academic Registrar, Dean of school and any other official in the university than to first come to the campus.

MyGrades SASA - A Student App To Access Results, Timetable

MyGrades SASA is a Student Academic Support Application with features to help the student Access a number of services from their university using their mobile phone.

The Problem:

Students have had to visit different offices to obtain information about fees payments, statement of results, grades or scores, retakes, change of course, complaints, remark, and financial statements, timetables, registration or any other information for services available at the University.

This manual way of service delivery is now history thanks to MyGrades SASA App. UTAMU has digitalized services and students can access timely and instant information using their phones wherever they are without having to go thru an inconvenience of going to offices to make an inquiry.

MyGrades SASA now facilitates students to access services like: students marks or grades, submit complaints, offers a suggestion box, Time Tables, Fees Structure / Financial Status, Exam permit generation, Class Group Chat, Join other Campus Groups, Semester Registration, Counsellor, Campus Events, Campus News, Notifications among others

How it works:

The MyGrades SASA is up and running and can be accessed on google playstore on Android devices. Download the App, log in using your student registration number with a default password "123456". At the first login prompt you will be required to change the default password to the one of your choice.


Students can now receive accurate and real time statements of their results, fees transactions, notification of teaching, tests, and examination timetables, deadline for registration, submission of complaints to lecturers and monitor their academic performance remotely anytime, anywhere.

This App will help stakeholders to easily identify and respond to all forms of inquiries without having to visit any University office.

4 UTAMU Students Compete In the African Grand Challenge

A team of Four UTAMU Undergraduate students participated in the African Grand Challenge which took place in Tanzania from 25th to 29th January 2018.

Sadat Anwar pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Nuwagaba Collins doing a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, Mush Simon Glory doing Bachelor of Business Administration and Kamya Simon pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology represented UTAMU during the 2018 Grand Challenge.

Participating teams developed new and innovative products or services that can be used to improve Healthcare, Animal Science and Wildlife Management in Africa. UTAMU is the only University in Uganda which took part in the competition.

The participating students competing in the AGC 2018 were given an opportunity to learn together and showcase their innovation talents as well as win awards.

The UTAMU Team showcased a project on: The usage of a combination of Drone and Internet of things technologies to develop new products and or services that will improve animal sciences and wildlife management in Africa.

The annual event which attracts several students in African Universities was hosted by the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST). It is aimed at advancing science and entrepreneurship in Africa through innovation and collaborations.

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