Is Women’s Day Worth Celebrating? UTAMU Ladies Share their Views

8th March 2017 saw Uganda commemorate International Women’s day. Besides being a public holiday, UTAMU news sought the views of the Women at UTAMU.

UTAMU staff express their views on Women's Day celebrations

So the UTAMU news team asked the women on whether the day is relevant, whether women are making strides towards development, whether there is something worth celebrating. Their views are reproduced below:

Dr. Doris Kakuru , Dean, School of Business and Management

The women’s day celebration seems to be meaningless. I want to see relevant policies to change the status quo of women. There is still so much discrimination against women in employment, education and positions of power. Uganda’s affirmative action leaves a lot to be desired. Women continue to be battered, to suffer and to be given lower ranking jobs.

Dr. Rebecca Pearl Tumwebaze. Lecturer, School of Business and Management

While women's day is meant to give us an opportunity to appreciate the remarkable contribution of women in society, I think the gender agenda should refocus to strengthen our social fabric. We will not get equal opportunities if we focus on putting women in the victim's seat and give them a sense of entitlement. We must appreciate that anyone (man or woman) can be marginalized and focus on equipping ourselves to compete favourably than expecting programmes to favour towards women. I call upon mothers to equip girls with capacity to compete favourably while overcoming the gender barriers and also to prepare boys to seamlessly deal with the emancipated woman.

Linda Alum, Registrar, SPVE

It has become a norm. The day doesn’t seem to be making sense anymore. It’s just any other public holiday. I feel there is need to appreciate the contribution of women. Women carry a heavy load and it’s only fair that we are constantly appreciated.

Irene Nsangi, Accountant
Efforts of women should be recognized every day. We cannot wait for 8th March every year to be appreciated.
Ronah Arinanye, Human Resource Manager

To me, women's day has made no difference at all where women issues and lifestyles are concerned. My view is that women should be celebrated everyday.

Faith Ahabyoona, Lecturer, School of Business and Management

Women are making strides career wise and in business. However, a whole woman means spirituality, family and career. Even when efforts are made to put women at the forefront, there is a role that must be played only by a woman and that is raising God fearing, responsible and hardworking citizens. If this is not achieved, then the institution of family loses meaning.

Harriet R. Ayebare, Administrative Officer

Women have come a long way if we are to flash back our history but there is still a long way to go. Imagine a woman with all the necessary qualifications and skills failing to get a job because the boss wants to have sex with her. We continue to hear women who are battered and tortured by the so called husbands. A typical Ugandan husband expects a working woman to hurry back and cook even when it is midnight. However, women should not tire. Let’s play our roles, let’s pursue our dreams and be economically empowered. This is the game changer.

Mary Nantumbwe Registrar, School of Computing and Engineering
It is a day for me to spend quality time with family. I also feel that the criteria used to award medals is wanting. Let women who have served this nation be recognized.

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