Open Letter to 2017 UTAMU Graduates

Mr. John KizitoCustodian, UTAMU

Congratulations to the graduates Class of 2017

Today, you probably know more than you did when you joined university.

A university like UTAMU is a store house of knowledge because the freshmen bring in so little and the seniors go with so much.

So please, as you look back on the memories of the years spent, remember that the world has great expectations in you.

Although looking at the future may seem uncertain to some of you who have not yet got jobs, the skills and knowledge acquired in the two or three or even more years spent at UTAMU if utilized, you can do so much more. Don’t wait to be employed.

Take pride in this special day. Thank your parents and guardians, and all those who have been helped over the past years. This is your day, a great milestone in your life, and it marks a time of change.

Graduates, as you go back to your communities, be the ‘‘change agents’’ reach out to those in need and help them better their lives. It is because of people like you that I remain optimistic and defend our constitution from being tempered with.

James Baldwin once wrote, ‘‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed, until it can be faced.”

Graduates, you have made it to this day because someone struggled and sacrificed so that you can be the person you are today. Now it’s your turn to repay them.

And the good news is - you are ready.

Congratulations once again!

John Kizito


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