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Leveraging Technology to Deliver Value

UTAMU students have been urged to start using social media to improve their leadership training and education.

Mr. Keneth Twesigye, CEO and founder of First Fortune Company Limited and TechBuzz Hub. 

“As leaders, we should stop kissing social media and the internet for entertainment alone. We need to kiss while we improve our leadership training and education,” said Mr. Keneth Twesigye, CEO and founder of First Fortune Company limited and TechBuzz Hub.

Twesigye was speaking as the guest of honour at the 2016/2017 Guild Government Handover ceremony held on February 25 in Kampala.

In today’s challenging world where unemployment levels are high, Twesigye identified a problem in the community and came up with a solution. Being a Computer Science student at UTAMU did not stop Twesigye from starting his own business.

When he joined UTAMU in 2013, by end of first semester, he was known for his innovative skills. This got him appointed the Coordinator of Innovation Saturday presently called Innovation Friday. He later opened up the first UTAMU canteen. Today, he owns two companies; First Fortune Company limited and TechBuzz Hub.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Twesigye advised the student leaders to learn to leverage Technology to deliver value in leadership and Education.

Below is his speech:

Let me start by challenging you!

Did you kiss last night?....... Did you kiss this morning?....... Did you kiss while in this room?....... Thank you for your random answers, I actually talking about kissing your phones.

Ladies kiss their phones only when taking selfies, Gentlemen do it while chatting on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, most of us kiss our phones at night while sleeping with them next to our pillows. As leaders, we should stop kissing social media and the internet for entertainment reasons alone. We need to kiss then to improve our leadership training and education.

Starting with Leadership: As a leader, you need to be alert when using technology (social media) to disseminate information. If you are not careful and cooperative as a leading team, social media will take away your power as guild leaders unnoticed. This reminds me of the recent scenario about the UTAMU Student who tested his skill on school ICT facility. It shows he is learning but as a guild body, you serve a role to put better platforms to identify such students.

Use technology platforms especially social media as supporting agents to your service as leaders. They should help you coordinate guild programs well. In fact, I call upon you all to be number ones in participating in your own programs. I believe, it has been a challenge in the previous governments. As a leader, live by example and your subjects will follow.

Legacy as a leader is eminent. I thank Diana Nankabirwa for her hardworking spirit as recognized by the exiting Guild President, H.E Sadat Anwar. I also thank Mr. Adam Mazinga and Eric Mukonge. As they came to receive their certificates, you could feel their presence, which shows their service did not pass unnoticed. This leadership should be a weapon to lead you to what you will be remembered for. This is why I believe this invite probably fell on me based on my legacy, my achievements and my continued spirit to lead even away from school. A lesson that the exiting Leaders should adopt.

Secondly: Education. As a leader, you also need to perform. Otherwise, you will have no advantage over non leaders that will perform better than you in class. These fellows will outcompete you in the job or market place after university. Therefore, you must use technology to figure out how to become better leaders and how it can easily facilitate your learning beyond class.

Also, as per your responsibility of serving your subjects, use technology to support students with various opportunities across board.

As I conclude, endeavor to use technology rightfully, purposefully and appropriately. Take advantage of it to become better leaders. I believe this is the only better way to realize success in this short term of service at UTAMU.

I thank you.


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