Self-Drive Has Made Me Reach Great Heights - Zainab

Zainab Namuddu, a UTAMU graduate of Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology has made it to great heights because of her self-drive.

Ms. Zainab Namuddu

Zainab works at Eight Tech Consults Ltd as a Business Development Executive. She had a chat with the UTAMU News desk on how internship has granted her business exposure and work experience.

Where did you undertake Community Engagement from?

I did my first internship UTAMU, the second from National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and now the third from EIGHT TECH CONSULTS LTD. We specialize in ICT consultancy, digital security audits, software development, network designs and installation, web systems development, corporate ICT training, E-Learning systems development and training, hardware supplies and maintenance, management consultancy, multimedia solutions and general ICT services among others.

How was your experience as a student when you engaged the working industry for the first time?

I went for community engagement/internship three times as required by UTAMU and I enjoyed every bit of it. I gained experience, business exposure, organizational culture, among others. With the guidance of Ms Linda Alum, the Registrar, School of Professional and Vocational Education (SPVE), she paved a way for me which shaped me to be ethically upright.

However, my self-drive has made me reach heights; I may not be there apparently but at least am sure about the future. Secondly, because I got a very steady and firm foundation from UTAMU staff and its environment, work is seemingly smooth. I have the best Mentors from UTAMU that I constantly run to.

You are working with one of the biggest organizations in Uganda, what skills did you employ to win the favor of your bosses to the extent of retaining you or offering you a job opportunity?

I demonstrated my self-reliance skills and proved to them that I could work independently. I was self-aware, knowing where your strengths are. I could organize myself and prioritized through rearranging commitments to get the job done.

People skills: I was able to demonstrate interpersonal skills. I could communicate effectively (in writing and in person), I could participate in team activity where most times I took the lead.

General skills: I demonstrated skills that could be used in any situation and across all sectors especially in the ICT Consultancy sector for example, I demonstrated flexibility, I was an active team player as well as a problem solver.  With all these skills, I was able to win over the favour of the Eight Tech to retain me thus winning myself a well-paying placement.

Tell us about your current job, position held and what tasks you undertake.

I work as a Business Development Executive and administrator at Eight Tech Consults.

Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?

Internships has allowed me to explore potential careers, develop my professional skills, develop professional contacts and also develop a personal work ethic. Internship has also helped me acquire valuable real world work experience in a professional job setting.

Do you think the UTAMU Teaching and learning system is effective in making students job creators?

UTAMU Teaching and learning system is basically Student Centered and this is effective in making students job creators. This is true because when students take responsibility for their own learning, they become explorers capable of leveraging their curiosity to solve real-world problems. To that end, the UTAMU Standards guide teachers toward designing learning experiences that permit student independence and foster lifelong learning.

The exquisite Technology at UTAMU allows an unprecedented level of personalized learning, with valuable opportunities to monitor progress and engagement. Meanwhile when other institutions effectively leverage both technology and pedagogy, both students and teachers become empowered to make decisions about their own learning and teaching hence will compete favorably with UTAMU. Otherwise with Technology, my University is still on Top. With this, I pride with my University.

Do you think UTAMU is the best institution you could go to?

I absolutely love my University because my professors were and are always available for my questions despite the fact that I am a graduate now. They sensed potential and when one is willing to work hard, UTAMU`s professors work hard with him/her. UTAMU helped me find my true potential and I am determined to reach great heights.

Any advice for the continuing students undertaking community engagement

Be persistent, if you do get rejected don't let this get you down just keep trying. Also, don't always target the bigger firms, target little firms too because sometimes at smaller firms you might be the only intern in that company and you will get more responsibility and learn more.

Build up your network, try and grow your list of contacts while you're there. Even if you're going for coffee and bump into someone you know, make sure you introduce yourself and find out as much as you can about them. Also, always get involved in anything you can. Unless you absolutely can't then try and volunteer and get involved in everything you can. The more you volunteer yourself and the more you put yourself forward for things, the employer will remember with you and with things like LinkedIn you never know what might happen in the future.



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