With My Experience, I Can Confidently Represent My Boss

UTAMU’s unique community engagement/internship programme has not only helped students acquire skills to help them in their careers but also increases their chances of getting jobs.

Joan Nyesiga works as a trainee at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development under Internal Audit Unit in the Finance and Development department

Joan Yesiga Jaka Jex , a third year Bachelor of Oil and Gas Management student at UTAMU tells  the News team on how this unique opportunity has given her ample time to attain enough skills that have secured her a job at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

Joan works as a trainee at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development under Internal Audit Unit in the Finance and Development department.  She was retained as a trainee after signing a contract of six months to be renewed basing on her performance.

What is your perception to yearly internship?

This unique opportunity can only be got at UTAMU and not any other university in Uganda.  Internship has given me working experience and my self-esteem has grown.

What was your experience at your first internship?

I was still at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development in the Finance and Administration under a supervision of Permanent Secretary. My first internship earned me practical experience and credit towards my degree. It exposed me to the working class and because I demonstrated skills in all of my duties and responsibilities, I was retained.

I gained more skills and knowledge including use of software in the Accounts world, Auditing, networking and because of my moral conduct & social behaviors at work, I can confidently represent my boss at any level regardless of the activity it might be.

Joan at a construction site during her field work

How have you been able to balance work and study?

UTAMU has unique teaching and learning systems. Time tables are scheduled according to students’ convenient time in order to meet their obligations. So I am able to work and study because my time table is the best and allows me to do any work during day and catch up for lectures at 5:30pm.

Do you like the UTAMU teaching and learning policy?

*laughs” who does not like this policy? I can proudly say UTAMU teaching and learning technique has contributed to the growth of the university.

The e-learning platform makes me a unique student when discussing with my friends from other Universities. Furthermore, I am able to access all the information I need on the e-Learning system without coming to the campus.

Any advice for the continuing students? 

To my brothers and sisters at UTAMU, you are in a place of milk and honey. Get ready to achieve more and be free to express your ambitions in any field, you will always be given an ear of solutions. I wish you the best during your stay at UTAMU

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