Internship Gave Me Exposure Significant to My Career Growth

Martin Mugarura, a student of Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST) is grateful to UTAMU’s community engagement program which not only equipped him with work skills but also got him a job. He opened up to the news team on how internship/community engagement gave him the right exposure needed to grow his career path.

Martin Mugarura, a student of Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST) 

Mugarura had a chat with the news team on how internship has made him understand and appreciate the job market.

QN: Where did you undertake Community Engagement from?
ANS: I worked at The Brand House located on Plot 41, Luthuli Avenue.

QN: What was your position there and which tasks did you undertake?
ANS: While I was there, I interned in the Digital department. I was retained under the same job for about a year and a half till I left. I was handling digital assets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +) for Club Pilsner, Nile Special, Castle Lite, Sadolin Paints and Bank of Africa. I also attended and reported on all events concerning THE said clients.

QN: What was your experience as student working for the first time?

ANS: It was fun and felt good to receive money at the end of the month. It was also encouraging because of the support system and mentorship from my workmates who had been in the industry for years.

QN: What skills did you employ to win the favour of your bosses to the extent of retaining you or offering you a job opportunity?
ANS: Punctuality, dedication, commitment to my assignments, team work and blending with all workmates. I allowed my strengths to be enjoyed and weaknesses tamed, which turned to strengths.

QN: Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?
ANS: I have met and interacted with industry experts and merchants which has increased my contact base. I have access to a lot of inspiration and sources for consultation. I also have the exposure necessary for career advancement.

QN: How has community engagement turned your life around?
ANS: It got me a job. For that I am grateful.

QN: Do you think the UTAMU Teaching and learning system is effective in making students job creators?
ANS: Yes it is. Through period Community Engagement, the students appreciate the job market. To some students who have started their own businesses, I believe the inspiration comes from experience they get from community engagement and the immense possibilities of the job market both on a local and global scale.

QN: Any advice for students going for or undertaking community engagement
ANS: Go at it with a positive attitude and an open mind. This one opportunity could change everything about life as you know it.





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