Acquiring an MBA at UTAMU Enabled Me Get My Dream Job

A former student has hailed UTAMU's unique mode of teaching and learning, for equipping him with exceptional skills and knowledge that have opened better job opportunities for him.

As UTAMU makes a steady progress into the future, it keeps in touch with all the alumni to know whether the knowledge from UTAMU has enabled them realize your dreams. UTAMU is proud of its more than 270 alumni who are in the community making a positive change.

“I am glad to be an alumni and with the MBA I acquired at UTAMU, I have been able to get a job with a multinational development Bank (MDB). I commence in June 2017,” says Alex who graduated with an MBA in September 2016 together with190 students who advanced with masters, post-graduate diplomas and undergraduate degrees.

“Despite my banking experience, I had on several times applied to join MDBs but never made it to the short list due to lack of a MBA. But I thank UTAMU’s flexible model of learning, practical course units and research skills that have catapulted me to the region now,” he added.

UTAMU has a unique teaching and learning model for the Graduate School called the Block Release Model. This teaching and learning approach combines classroom instruction with online (self-paced). Self-paced learning uses online curricula, e-library and interactive tools.

Expressing their view on the self-paced learning, most graduate students noted that they receive sufficient materials via the E-learning platform and expressed gratitude for the online activity notifications, which has helped many to improve on online participation.

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