Hands-On ICT Skills Exposed Me To Various Opportunities

Ali Egesa, a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing and Communications graduate Class of 2017 hails education offered at UTAMU because of its practicability. He says studying at UTAMU had gained him hands-on ICT skills which enabled him get a job at Uganda Police Force and Voitech Uganda LTD before he could even finish his degree.

Ali Egesa, a Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing and Communications graduate - Class of 2017 

Below is the chat he had with the UTAMU News team.

QN: Tell us about your current job, position held and what tasks you undertake.

Ali: I am currently working with ICT maintenance Department at Uganda Police Force and Voitech Uganda LTD. I am a site support engineer and client engagement officer. I do troubleshooting of telecommunications systems, designing the architectural network, installations, maintenance and repairs of telecommunication systems.

QN: How did you get that job yet you were still a student?

Ali: I got this job when I was still doing my industrial training with Uganda Telecommunication LTD. I was sent to a client’s site to troubleshoot the fixed networks and repair the fault landlines on site. At the job site, the client was impressed with what I had done (ICT maintenance) and they decided to retain me as their site supporting engineer since I even had a background of mobile computing and communications.

QN: Congratulations, you are working with one of the biggest organizations in Uganda, what skills did you employ to win the favour of your bosses to the extent of retaining you or offering you a job opportunity?
Ali: Commitment to assignments, delivering services to clients 24/7, team work, good customer care and also treating clients as my bosses.

QN: Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?
Ali: I have been able to interact with Technical experts especially in Telecommunications and Electrical engineering industry which has inspired me to work harder and achieve my dream.

QN: Do you think the UTAMU Teaching and learning system is effective in making students job creators?

Ali: Yes. Studying at UTAMU introduced me to the latest technology modules of teaching both practical and theoretical.

Qn: Do you have a mentor? Does anyone inspire you?

Ali: Yes. Professor Jude Lubega (Deputy Vice Chancellor, UTAMU) and Dr. Drake Mirembe (Deadn School of Professional and Vocation Education, UTAMU)

QN: Any advice for students who don’t value community engagement?
Ali: Opportunities are out there and I encourage all students to go for community engagement so that they can acquire more skills and knowledge in practical work to fit in the 21st industry.

QN: After everything else is forgotten? What will you remember UTAMU for?

Ali: The unique E-learning platform which enables students to study anytime anywhere and team work.


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