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My Rotaract Journey As a Student

On the 29th September 2017, five of the RUTAMU club members graduated with different courses from Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU). They all had different stories to share on how Rotaract has helped them during their course of study and after-math for some of them.

L-R: Arban Owomugisha, Swaburah Namugiga, Stella Nyamundu, Winnie Adenyero and Evelyn Nabiryo.


Below are their testimonies

Former RUTAMU President Arban owomugisha graduated with a first class in Bachelor of Oil and Gas Management. He joined Rotaract in 2015 and immediately served as the Vocational Service Director and later as President of the Club in 2016/17.

He is currently the IPP and Club Trainer.

IPP Arban says he currently has a job thanks to Rotaract and for upholding its goals. As a regular visitor at the Rotary Club of Bugolobi Morning Tides, he met his current employe who initially offered him an internship placement; when it was time for him to exit he was retained and currently works with a Petroleum company.

Arban also notes that he has gained lots of skill from being in Rotary circles and talking up leadership skills.


Swaburah  Namugiga graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics. She was invited to the club by IPP Arban omwomugisha in 2015. She immediately served as the Community Service Director, a position she held until 2016/17. She currently serves as the Vice President of RUTAMU.

Swaburah was the Rotaractor of the year 2016/17. It is because of Rotaract that she started Swabie’s Pilao, a business in which she offers best Piloa rice for all functions. She has also started a Moslem ushering company to provide decently dressed ushers. Swaburah through the mother club (Rc. Kampala Day Break) was chosen to represent the club at the 91st DCA in Entebbe.

She has represented the club in REI 2016, RYLA 2016 ROTS, Rotaract Peace fellowship and other Rotary and Rotaract projects, she has served on the RYLA Committee 2017. Swaburah is multitalented she plays footballer and can rap all Nick Minaj Songs.


Stella Nyamundu (Left) graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She is a charter member and was invited to the club by CP Ivan Koreta at one of the fellowships. She only allowed to attend because she thought it was a Christian fellowship. She later loved the club activities and became a regular visitor. Stella served on the Finance Committee in 2015/16 and is currently the Treasurer in 2016/17.

Stella has a unique character. She is very humble, doesn’t over visit other clubs but is one of the most committed and hardworking members in the club. She has served on all organizing committees most notably the committee which organized the successful club Charter Night 2016/17, Car Wash Fundraiser 2016/17,  Installation Committee for the current board and the Bukasa ECD project committee.

Stella confesses to have earned her graduate trainee position at her current job placement after mentioning that she is a Rotaractor. She attended RLYA 2016, ROTS 2017 and has represented the club at a few other club activities.



Evelyn Nabiryo graduated with a Bachelor  of Oil and Gas Management. She joined the club in 2015. She has since served as the Secretary 2016/17 of the Club.

She loves her role and says it has helped her improve on her report writing skills. Evelyn is one of the most committed club members and equally very charming.

The RUTAMU Club has  been effective in reporting all its activities thanks to Evelyn.




Winnie Adenyero is a charter member and graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration.  She loves making friends and is partly why she joined Rotaract.

Winnie thanks the Rotaract Club of UTAMU for its friendship which has saw her through her time of study at the University.   She is currently serving as the Vocational Service Director of RUTAMU.




Joan Yesiga Jax Jex graduated with Bachelor of Oil and Gas Management. She loves the club and appreciates it for the friendship circles it has created for her. Joan is the Chair Finance Committee.

She currently works as a trainee at Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development under Internal Audit Unit in the Finance and Development department



RUTAMU is proud of all our members and we wish them all the best.



Article By:

Reachel Ainomugisha

Club Admin

RUTAMU 2017/18



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