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Internship Opens Your Mind to Be More Entrepreneurial

Internship training is a vital aspect in a student’s life which gives them an opportunity to acquire skills to help them in their careers after they have completed their university studies. Isaac Mulindwa, a third year student of Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST) testifies of how internship has opened his mind to be more entrepreneurial. He narrates on the benefits one acquires as a result of community engagement.

Isaac Mulindwa, a third year student of Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST). 

He works as a systems Administrator / IT support Officer at Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA), an international, Pan-African, non-governmental development organisation for African women based in Ntinda, Kampala.

The news team caught up with him and he shared how community engagement has helped him develop his career and adapt to the working environment.

Where did you undertake Community Engagement from?

In my first year, I worked at ICT labs in Ntinda and year two at Akina Mama wa Africa.

How was your experience like as student engaging in work for the first time?

At first, it was intimidating. I was shy, I didn’t know how to interact with people but the more I interacted with people, the more confident I became. IT field is interesting, there is always something new to learn every day and it is hands-on.

You are working with one of the biggest organizations in Uganda, what skills did you employ to win the favour of your bosses to the extent of retaining you or offering you a job opportunity?

My outstanding skills in systems administration, managing the website, managing email server, maintaining the ICT and operating systems, communication skills got me to be retained. Also, willingness to learn, being honest and open-minded.

When I had joined the organization, I was tasked start updating the website, but I didn’t know how Joomla works. That didn’t stop me. I had to watch Youtube tutorials, spend time learning how Joomla works until I got it. I can to prove to my bosses that I can update websites.

Tell us about your current job, position held and what tasks you undertake.

I currently work as a Systems Administrator and IT Support Officer. My tasks are mainly to maintain the office LAN, manage the email server, monitor the internet link and give ICT support to staff.

Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?

Community Engagement opened my mind to be entrepreneurial. Even if I lost this job today, I can start my own business. I have gained IT skills and networked. My contacts keep referring me to several temporary jobs where I earn extra income.

Do you think the UTAMU Teaching and learning system is effective in making students job creators?

Yes I do. The content is update and I commend UTAMU for offering a good learning experience.

Any advice for students going for or undertaking community engagement.  

Invest in research and learn things on your own. The current workplace requires dynamic students who can solve problem. Find out how things work on your own. Be exceptional. 


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