Support Staff Commend UTAMU for Study Opportunities

UTAMU Support Staff members have commended the University Management for offering them a platform to further their studies.

L-R: Maureen Akinyi, Amina Nassiwa and Shafique Kabunga

The support staff team includes the university custodian, cleaners, messengers and guard. This week, the news team had a one-on-one with the support staff who opened up on the benefits of working for UTAMU among which is providing study opportunities to all staff. They also described some of the challenges they face in their field of work.

Amina Nassiwa voiced how comfortable and conducive it is to work for UTAMU. Nassiwa ensures the general cleanliness of the entire facilities at the university. These facilities include all lecture rooms, labs, staff offices, kitchen etc.

Amina Nassiwa

“Working at UTAMU has been a great opportunity for me. It has provided me a platform to develop my saving culture through the University Sacco,” says Nassiwa.

Maureen Akinyi, who is also a cleaner and messenger commended UTAMU for offering her study opportunities.

“Not only have I been able to support my siblings by paying school fees for them, I have also acquired computer knowledge in a short course training”, says Maureen.

As a policy, UTAMU offers its entire staff an opportunity to further their studies on all levels ie certificate, degree, postgraduate diploma and Masters. Those interested have been immensely benefited from this opportunity.

Ashim Kwikiriza is a custodian and guard at UTAMU

Ashim Kwikiriza a Custodian and Guard at UTAMU has also benefited from this policy. He just completed a certificate in Computer Applications and IT Essentials and has UTAMU to thank.

“When I joined UTAMU two years ago, I didn’t know how to speak English and how to use a computer but now I have excellent computer skills and I can confidently converse with anyone even a ‘Muzungu’ in English,” says Ashim.

He further commends UTAMU for financially developing him. “In these two years, I have been able to build a permanent house with 5 rooms, acquire three cows and a farm where I have a worker that I pay Ugx 150,000 per month.”

Maureen Akinyi

Asked on whether they are any challenges affecting him as a security guard, Ashim cited a few theft cases which took place when he had just joined the university but are no more because he is now vigilant and alert while at his job.

“Before I got enough experience, we had a few cases of theft but now I ensure we check each and every person or car that enters and goes out of the UTAMU gate.”

Shafique Kabunga

To ensure even a tighter security at the university, Ashim called upon management to buy more secure equipment like walk through & hand held metal detectors as well as other forms of security equipment.

 Shafique Kabunga, also had compliments for UTAMU staff.  “The friends I have got at UTAMU have helped me many times when in lowest times. I have also been able to build a house and acquire computer skills in the few years I have worked with UTAMU,” says Kabunga.

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