UTAMU Student Introduces Elibrary To Mother Majeri Primary School

He is a calm student with very few words. But his works speak volumes.  Bongomin Bezy Chris is a 3rd year student at UTAMU pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He has just completed Community Engagement but the greatest news is that he has been hired and retained. Bongomin’s luck came after is the brain behind the creation of a web portal and elibray at Mother Majeri Nursery and Primary School in Kampala.

Bongomin Bezy Chris

Details are reproduced in the interview which UTAMU News had with Mr. Bongomin.

QN: So, Bongomin tell us! How was your community engagement experience like?

Bezy: It has been an amazing journey. I can’t believe that I won’t be part of the statistics of university graduates who spend a lot of time on the streets searching for jobs after graduation. Jobs are not easy to come by these days and having been given a job opportunity even when I am still a student is something I don’t take for granted. I worked with a very supportive IT team which not only facilitated me to learn but also believed in my innovative ideas.

QN: What exactly did you do to win the favour of your boss?

Bezy: Besides the tests assigned to me daily, I created a web based platform and an elibrary. The school has over 200 pupils and I thought of creating an online platform where pupils and teachers would find past papers for all the pervious years,  all the years UNEB past papers, ebooks from P.1 to P.7, reading materials for teachers which they can use for reference.

I also championed the creation a school magazine with an aim of enhancing pupils’ writing skills as well as advertise the school. I also introduced quizzes where questions in all subjects are prepared and pupils are required to present in power point to other pupils every two weeks. Questions are set in areas of General knowledge, Logic and across other subjects.

I am currently working on introducing an elearning system to help P.7 pupils to engage in more exercises and revision work beyond class work. The aim is to help the school cut down the costs of printing costs and also to preserve the environment by reducing the number of trees cut down. The challenges are not enough at the moment.

QN: You are working with a big organization in Uganda, what skills did you employ earn this job opportunity?

Bezy: Innovativeness. Like I said, I found two IT teachers there and I am only a student who had gone to do community engagement. So, I introduced something new to their daily school operations.

When I presented my ideas, the administration picked interest in my work and believed that I could contribute to the success of the school through IT. So they decided hire me.

The other element is perseverance. It takes patience to commute a workplace daily without being paid a penny.

QN: Tell us about your current job position held and what tasks you undertake

Bezy: I am currently a computer teacher and I teach P4 andP6. At the time when I joined the school, they were only teaching MS Word and MS Excel. So, I suggested that we could introduce more applications and teach pupils the latest applications. And currently, pupils are taught Power Point, Publisher, Internet and Basic Computing. I also manage the social media pages of the school.

QN: Besides the job offer, what other benefits can you site that have come in as a result of community engagement?

Bezy: I have gained more skills in network configurations and I have acquired knowledge on how to conduct myself in a work environment.

QN: What skills do you boast of?

  • I am good at;
  • Wed Design and
  • Networking

QN: Do you think the UTAMU teaching and learning system has triggered you to be job creator?

Bezy: Absolutely. The student centred- learning enables students to imagine ideas and work out ways of materializing them. I was inspired by Kenneth Twesigye, a student at UTAMU who already owns an IT company called Tecbuzz in Ntinda.

QN: Any advice to fellow students

Bezy: Most times students are at university aspire to obtain academic papers but skills matter most. Skills will take you places. Also as we study, it is important to ask ourselves what we can do beyond our degree papers. Everyone has papers today, what will make you stand out of the crowd will be the unique skills that you possess.


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