I have Learnt to Make tougher Decisions; Says Outgoing Guild President

Briefly describe your term of office as a guild president.

It’s been interesting with lots of positive challenges. The position has made me confident in class and in the outside world. Throughout my 1st Year of office, I have been able to interact with very many influential people including Hon. Tumwebaze Kagyigyi Frank, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance and such experiences have also improved my public speaking skills.

How were you able to balance books and Guild assignments?

So far, I have a first class in my studies which is positive which indicates progress. When I got into office, I had a second class upper. I think this tells a lot, when I first got into office, I had the fear that I might fail my exams in the long run and I had a hard time deciding if I should go for guild presidency. But my message to all students interested in leadership, “fear is the only thing standing in your way, don’t be afraid face it".

What is your memorable moment?

The day I was declared the Guild president of UTAMU. It was my happiest day and I will always live to remember it. The campaigns were tough, tension was high, I didn’t think I would win.

What is your saddest moment?

I doubt if there is any.

Any challenges that you met as a Guild Leader?

Challenges are part of any journey but the major challenge was having to coordinate books and guild activities. I had a large guild group to work with and also there were times students issues were becoming a lot and as a student leader they expected me to handle the issues.

What advice do you have for the incoming Guild President?

Success is a two-way street. You either succeed or fail to succeed. Your work may be criticized, but never stop believing and you won’t stop achieving.

What do you think your government has achieved?

Throughout our period, the guild has been able to introduce indoor games like chess boards in and draft. I worked with some colleagues to come up with a university calendar. For the first time, our university competed with MUBS in soccer. We were defeated but we enjoyed the game. A university app where students can install on their phones instead of using browsers was created. I brought partners on board like Green Bridge and consequently, UTAMU partnered with them. The revival of innovation Friday, introduced a social evening which brings administrators and students together to interact one on one with students, the first ever campus was party held within UTAMU with zero payment from students, free food, free drinks, with 5 different artists, was organized and we started a movie night at campus. Finally, UTAMU has a football pitch where students can play soccer.

Has this position taught you any lessons?

I have been able to learn how to work effectively with people. I have learnt that sometimes, one must take final some tough decisions and stand by them no matter the consequences.

What has been your guiding principle in life?

Hard work, trust, belief, persistence and perseverance.

What would you want the incoming president to work on?

I have already set ground for social activities like sports and I would love to see more events being organized. I would love to see the president motivating students to participate in sports fully both indoor and outdoor.  The president should work towards setting up a hub at UTAMU where students can develop innovative projects.

Who has been the most inspirational person during your time in office?

The Guild members have always been there and I will mention that we have walked this journey together. The Academic Registrar has also supported us and we cannot tread his guidance for anything.

If you were asked to re-contest for Guild presidency, would you?

I think sometimes we need change.  I already did my part and it’s sometimes better to let new blood in take on the mantle. I don’t believe in leaders who overstay in power.

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