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With Digital Innovation, Opportunities are Expanded – Says Dr. Drake Mirembe

Dr. Drake Mirembe has assured newly graduates that with digital innovation, the boundaries of opportunities are expanded. He made the remarks while speaking at the 12th Graduation ceremony of Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology (UICT) as the Guest Speaker.

Dr. Drake Mirembe

“The future is about data, the richest companies in the world now are not the ones dealing in oils, talk about Facebook, Twitter and Google, the future is in manipulating data,” he said.

He further tipped the graduands of the 3 A's required for a successful life career as; Ambition, Attitude and Ability.

“You will need to use your rightful talents to earn a place on 'the table of men', you are as relevant as your solution to community challenges,” he added.

Dr. Mirembe is a Dean at the School of Professional and Vocation Education (SPVE) and lecturer at UTAMU.

Dr. Mirembe speaking as the Guest Speaker at 12th Graduaion Ceremony of UICT.

As a Cyber Security expert, Dr. Mirembe assured the graduands that the future belongs to Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Cloud and associated technologies. “Therefore IT professionals must quickly adapt to the demands of the new reality.”

He also advised the students to make Google their friend & YouTube their cousin and learn to manage money and success. “To be successful is one thing, managing success is another. Work hard but most importantly work smart, live a balanced life, successful people live a balanced life,” said Dr. Mirembe.

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