Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management

Project Management is a key growth area. It is recognized as the most appropriate form of management for the new generation of managers who are asked to handle multi-disciplinary projects in a rapidly changing business environment. Its benefits are increasingly being used to improve management performance in areas that were not previously thought of as project driven. To deal with the ever-changing business environments, many nations, organizations and individuals are turning to Project Management for guaranteed results on time, within the budget and according to quality specifications. Surprisingly, Project Managers and Scholars of Project Management have neglected the subject of planning and effectively managing projects, which is supposed to facilitate and sustain Project /Programme success. Sustainability of Project or programmer’s results depends on the successful design and Implementation of established systems in any given Project/Programme. This depends on how well the project is planned and managed.

Programme objectives

The programme aims at providing the students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • Conceptualize, perceive, start and develop projects in a changing global environment

  • Understand analytical tools, principles and concepts of project identification, appraisal, implementation and review

  • Equip students with skills necessary to identify the needs of a particular area and to develop projects to meet those needs

  • Provide sufficient knowledge, skills, competencies and behavior attitudes that can enable to implement projects effectively and effectively

  • Provide skills and knowledge in monitoring and evaluating the performance and impact of development projects.

Programme outcomes

On completion of the courses, the UTAMU graduates for this program will be able to:

  1. apply project management theory and practices to specific professional field(s) of expertise

  2. Initiate, plan, execute, control, evaluate and close out projects in a way that assures the delivery of the negotiated scope and quality level, while meeting time and budget constraints.

  3. Effectively communicate the project/program status, issues, expectations and risks, both verbally and in writing, to project and program stakeholders.

  4. Demonstrate how projects contribute to an organization’s ability to realize its strategic goals and business benefits.

  5. Exercise management and leadership skills in the conduct of programs and projects of various size, scope, and complexity that may be international in nature.

  6. be an effective member of interdisciplinary project teams and

  7. assume the role of project manager from inception to commissioning

  8. prepare project plans to meet project objectives and requirements

  9. develop documentation to achieve project objectives within time, cost and quality

  10. use appropriate management tools for monitoring and control of projects

Target group

Project managers with a need to better their competencies in planning and monitoring projects will find this postgraduate diploma ideal for enhancing their critical thinking and analytical skills in managing projects


Year One, Semester One
Code Course name          
PM 500 Project Management Theory & Practice 30 - 30 45 3
PM 503 Project Planning, Programming &  IT Systems 30 30 - 45 3
PM 504 Project Budgeting & Financial Management 30 - 30 45 3
ME 500 Monitoring & Evaluation: Paradigms, Principles & Concepts 30 - 30 45 3
PA 500 Society, Government & Politics in Africa 30 30 - 45 3
TM 500 Research Methods 30 - 30 45 3
  Semester load         18
Year One, Semester Two
Code Course name LH PH TH CH CU
PM 502 Infrastructure Planning & Management 30 - 30 45 3
PM 505 Project Implementation Analysis & Management 30 - 30 45 3
PM 506 Risk Management in Projects & Programmes 30 - 30 45 3
PM 507 Project Leadership & Decision Making 30 - 30 45 3
PP 500 Project Procurement Management 30 - 30 45 3
HR 507 Project Human Resource Management 30 - 30 45 3
  Semester load         18

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