Welcome to the department of Public Administration and Governance (PAG) where the realization of UTAMU goals and objectives are experienced. PAG aims at ensuring students and communities constantly work together to integrate the learning approach into the practice in the community. With the realization of the right to education, PAG students are able to develop their skills, relate with and develop collaborative relationships with institutions, the government and international organisations. We encourage you to look through the website and familiarize with the various programs under PAG.
Bachelors Programmes

Bachelor of Public Administration and Management

The Bachelor of  Public Administration and Management programme is a unique blend of different disciplines from which a student can select one of three specialized options including; Local Government, Health Administration and Public Finance.

The Bachelor Public Administration and Management curriculum has been designed to equip students with skills specifically required to manage the civil service, ethics and values that guide the conduct of public affairs at all levels. This program is enriched to enable scholars to develop and improve the Public Administration and Management system in Uganda by addressing the dynamic and constantly changing environment.

The Bachelor of Public Administration and Management focuses on the performance of government in formulating and implementing public policies and is intended to prepare students to work in the various levels of government and other non-state agencies.

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Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism

This programme is intended to train professional journalists and communicators who have the requisite skills not only in the broad areas of journalism and mass communication but are also ICT savvy and well grounded in issues of economics and development. It targets those interested in the study of both print and broadcast journalism, business journalism, science journalism, new media, mass communication, public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communication and strategic communication. It also targets practitioners who are interested in improving their knowledge and skills to enhance their professional practice.
Students under this programme will specialize in any of the specialized options;

  • Journalism
  • Strategic Communication and Public Relations

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Bachelor of Oil and Gas Management

The Bachelor?s Degree program in Oil and Gas Management is intended to offer students appropriate business and leadership knowledge, skills and competencies required for the efficient functioning of the oil and gas industry. This course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in oil and gas management. The students will be taken through comparative cases in managing this resource which will sharpen their management proficiency.

This course will give many Ugandans an opportunity to study oil and Gas management courses without spending millions of dollars abroad pursuing oil and gas management courses.

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Bachelor of Human Resource Management (BHRM)

The Bachelor?s in Human Resource Management program is intended to prepare 21st century graduates with exceptional, knowledge, skills and competencies in human resource management. The graduates will be equipped with the ability to identify, analyze, and solve complex human resource and management issues for changing organizations. It is designed within the context of the National Development plan of Uganda (launched in April 2010) and Vision 2040 Launched in 2013.

This course shall take an interdisciplinary approach to prepare students for positions in human resource department leadership, to establish and advance organizational policies and guidelines, to utilize the tools and techniques for developing transformational work environments.

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Head of Department

Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke
Dr. Martha KibukamusokeHead of Department, Public Administration & Governance

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