Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Due to exponential use of computer systems and digital technology, real world problems can easily be solved. With the examples of robots being developed to understand human intensions, and the big data power to help researchers in studying climate change, we are excited about all ways technology is changing the world.

Teaching, learning and research efforts in the Computer Science and Engineering school encompass algorithms and theory; artificial intelligence and data mining; software engineering; computer architectures; web services, embedded and distributed systems, and computer security among others. The curriculum provides students with the technical understanding of computer design and operation with creativity and methodological rigor necessary to develop technical solution to problems in society. Undergraduate students develop independent projects and graduates develop independent research in different disciplines. This helps them to graduate ready and move forward in academia or industry.

Bachelors Programmes

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSC. CS)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science offers students a rich learning experience that blends theoretical, practical and industrial skills. Its structure and delivery methods equip students with analytical and problem solving skills in the fields of Networking, Programming, Databases, Software Development and Algorithms.

In addition, students obtain advanced skills in Multimedia Technologies, Computer Security and Mobile Applications Development. Career options to graduates include; Software Developers, Systems Analysts, Database Managers, IT Managers, Researchers in Computing and several other computing careers. Entry options include; Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE), relevant diploma or Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate from a recognized institution with at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes at the same sitting in UACE and at least one subsidiary pass in Mathematics in UACE

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Computer Engineering focuses on areas of hardware, data communications and software engineering. This programme blends theory and practice into a learning experience that develops skills applicable to complex real-world problems in the field of computer engineering. Students study the design of digital hardware and software including communications systems, computers and devices.

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

This programme is designed to build human capacity in the Software engineering discipline in the region so as to accelerate the development of innovations in information technology that will address human challenges. Uganda is in dire need of software systems for they are the cornerstones of business operations.

This course will enable students to tap into the global market through development of apps and modern software.

Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifi- able approach to the design, development, operation, and maintenance of soft- ware, and the study of these approaches; that is, the application of engineering to software. The systematic development and application of techniques normally leads to the creation of correct and reliable computer software systems for business processes automation.

The principles and knowledge of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis are employed by computer software engineers for designing, developing, testing, and evaluating the software and the systems that computers use to carry out various applications.

Software engineers are engaged in analyzing user needs and designing, constructing, testing,and maintaining computer applications software or systems. An individual with such software engineering skills has a wide range of secure and financially rewarding careers awaiting across the global. Some of these careers include; Software developer, Software engineers, Data processing manager, Software QA Engineer, IT Consultant, Internet engineer, Systems analyst among others.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Security & Forensics

This program is designed to offer a unique learning experience particularly in the field of computer security. It?s the first of its kind in Uganda and it will facilitate graduates to improve the computer security systems of different organisations in Uganda and beyond.

Graduates of this program are particularly exposed to skills that help keep computer systems secure, reliable and robust.

The world has witnessed immense computer crimes in the recent past prompting immediate efforts to curb the vices through enhanced computer security techniques. This course offers skills to learners that will help in detecting, preventing, mitigating and dealing with computer criminals.

Computer forensics is also needed in recovery as well as identification and prosecution of the perpetrators.

This course exposes students to core computer science areas like networking, programming, database management and operating systems as well as security and forensics areas like evidence handling, evidence analysis, pattern and audit trailing, security tools / techniques, human psychology and the criminal justice system.

Graduates of this program can become Digital security officers, Computer forensic investigators, Database analysts, Digital forensic analysts, Technology security specialists, Systems Administrators.

Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing and Communications

Computing Technology is continually evolving and one major trend in this evolution is towards Mobile Computing. The convergence of communication and computing technologies has resulted in powerful and sophisticated mobile services. The Bachelor of Science in Mobile Computing and Communications programme offered by UTAMU is purposed to equip the students with both traditional and cutting edge skills in Mobile Computing and Communications, so that they can be able to be innovative and develop mobile applications and understand the technical challenges posed by current mobile devices and wireless communications and evaluate and select appropriate solutions according to user requirements. The graduates of this program are taught to become innovators as well as entrepreneurs.

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