The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is growing at an every increasing rate. At the same time, ICT is becoming central innovative agent driving growth of nearly all industries and organizations. It can also be argued that all countries, which are developed as well as those, which are fast developing have a very high infusion of ICT in their systems. The same can be said to companies, NGOs, educational institutions, etc. A critical mass of highly qualified ICT professionals is therefore a requirement in nearly every economy. The desired high growth rates in Uganda and East African region in general goes hand in hand with a need for highly qualified ICT professionals to support the private and public sectors. The Department of Information Systems and Technology in this regard is presently offering the following undergraduate programmes.
Bachelors Programmes

Bachelor of Information Science

This course offers training focused on the use of information technology and the processing of information products. It is designed to train students in the management, retrieval, packaging and distributing organization of information. This program seeks to produce graduates who will be able to collect, process, store, retrieve and make available information necessary for the business growth of the organization so as to improve utility and effectiveness in organizations. The Bachelor of Information Science aims at developing high quality human resources who can fully maximize the utility of information in organizations.

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Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST)

The Bachelor of Information Systems & Technology programme seeks to develop high quality human resources for the public and private sectors so as to maximize the utility of ICTs in organizations. It equips students with skills in leveraging ICT to improve organisations? planning and managing IT systems and networks, designing, implementing and troubleshooting ICT based systems. Career options to graduates include; ICT Managers, Cloud Based Systems Managers, Web Application Developers, Network Administrators, Website and Graphic Designers and other IT careers. This course has two options under which students can major depending on their interests.

Bachelor of Business Computing

The Bachelor of Business Computing program is designed to provide students with the necessary analytical, business and computing skills and knowledge to effectively develop and manage high quality business computing and information systems in organisations. This programme is also designed to meet the growing needs of the industry for a new category of Information Technology professional.

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Head of Department

Ms. Mary Komunte
Ms. Mary KomunteHead of Department, Information Systems and Technology

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