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Business Administration


This programme aims at providing students with knowledge and skills necessary for effective performance in the role of Business Manager. It adopts a generic approach to business administration and is designed for students with interests in business administration projects, business development, community services, trade, tourism and agricultural businesses. This course provides the most appropriate way of management of businesses for the new generation of managers who are asked to handle multi-disciplinary projects in a rapidly changing business environment. It is specifically designed for students who may have not have progressed directly to the university for one reason or the other, Management staff who are currently undertaking development works or running business projects or working in businesses within their normal roles and responsibilities.

Applicants to this program will be admitted through the following entry schemes;

  • Direct Entry -The candidate must have at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes attained at the same sitting of Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) – or its equivalent.-The Candidate must as well have at least 5 passes in the same sitting of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent.

Certificate Entry Scheme- The candidate must have at least three passes obtained at the same sitting of Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or its equivalent or a Certificate in any course from an institution recognised by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) – or an equivalent accreditation body.

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