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Computer Applications and Systems


This course introduces learners to basics in common computer applications (like word processors, spreadsheets and presentations) as well as usage of emerging technologies like social media, tablets and smart phones.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Digital literacy
  • Computing basics and evaluation
  • Trends and emerging technologies
  • Digital economy and skill values
  • Office Productivity tools
  • Document processing with MS-Word, Open-office
  • Spread Sheets ( MS-Excel and Open office)
  • Presentation tools (PPT and Open-office)
  • E-mail and Calendar tools
  • Internet and Web Applications
  • Browsing tools
  • Social networking and peer to peer computing
  • VoIP tools. I.e Skype, Lync, yahoo etc
  • Cloud computing
  • E-commerce
  • Smart phone productivity
  • Introduction to Android & windows smart-phone concepts and usage
  • Basics of tablet utilization
  • User profile Apps selection, installation and usability
  • smart-phone extended functionalities
  • Security basics
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