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Entrepreneurship & Business Management


This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of entrepreneurship, including the definition of entrepreneurship, the profile of the entrepreneur, the difference between entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial management, and the role of venture creation in society.

Course Outline

  • Entrepreneurship and Owner management: characteristics, roles, differences
  • Business development: types, strategies, techniques, challenges, solutions
  • Innovation and creativity: definitions, sources of new ideas, examples of innovations, processes involved in scouting and idea generation, examples of creativity, role of innovations and creativity
  • Research and information: importance, SWOT analysis, Common market Research Techniques, research tools, challenges
  • Regulatory framework: relevant regulations in company legalization, advertising, ICT laws, e.t.c, legal risks in business start-ups
  • Finances: financial requirements assessment, sources of finance, common financial difficulties, indicators of financial health, elements of financial management, pricing strategies
  • Enterprise culture: pros and cons of developing a culture, approaches to developing the culture, mitigating factors against the enterprise culture
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