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Research methods and Data Analysis


The course will provide students with the skills to perform a range of Research and  data handling & analysis tools, as well as a variety of statistical tests. Computer packages such as MS Office and dedicated statistical software packages will be used for the delivery of this programme; The learners will be introduced to Research and research concepts after which they will have to use the same knowledge to analyze collected data. At the end of the course, participants should be able to explain and perform hands-on
Operations on:
1 A Brief Introduction to SPSS
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Getting Help
1.3 Data Entry
1.3.1 The Data View Spreadsheet
1.3.2 The Variable View Spreadsheet
1.4 Storing and Retrieving Data Files
1.5 The Statistics Menus
1.5.1 Data File Handling
1.5.2 Generating New Variables
1.5.3 Running Statistical Procedures
1.5.4 Constructing Graphical Displays
1.6 The Output Viewer
1.7 The Chart Editor
2.0 Data Analysis
2.1 Analyzing descriptive statistics
2.1.1 Frequencies
2.1.2 Cross tabulations
2.1.3 Measures of central tendencies and dispersion (Mean median, standard deviation and variance)
2.2 Analyzing Inferential/Relational statistics
2.2.1 Correlation
2.2.2 Linear Regression
2.2.3 Logistic Regression
2.2.4 .Student’s T test
2.2.5 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
2.2.6 Chi square test
2.2.7 Factor analysis STATA Course Outline

  1. Getting to know STATA and getting started
  2. Getting Data Into STATA
  3. Database Manipulation
  4. Data Analysis Using STATA Commands
  5. Estimation using STATA
  6. Programming using STATA

EPI INFO Course Outline

  1. Design and enter data into a simple questionnaire
  2. Edit data
  3. Create quality checks
  4. Create line lists
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Create bar graphs and Epidemic curves
  7. Create two by tables
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