Benon C. Basheka (PhD)

Prof. Benon C. Basheka

Vice Chancellor

Benon C. Basheka (PhD) is a Professor of Public Administration and Management; and the current Vice Chancellor, Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU) in Uganda.

As a vice chancellor, Basheka is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the University and oversees the university’s financial, human and material resources as well as providing strategic leadership to the university. He was the founding Dean of the School of Business and Management at the UgandaTechnology And Management University. Basheka belongs to a number of professional associations. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (FCIPS-UK), a member of the Ugandan Evaluation Association (UEA) and also the founding member of the Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU). Basheka is a Visiting Professor of Public Administration at the Turf loop Graduate School of Leadership at the University of Limpopo in South Africa, and a visiting research fellow at the School of Public Governance and Management at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. He is also an African senior scholar for the University of Lusaka in Zambia. He was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at the School of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China (UESTC). He is an external examiner for doctoral and Masters students in several universities across the continent and remains an active author, researcher and academic mentor for several staff.

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  • Public Administration, Governance & Institutional Leadership
  • Public Procurement
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Public private partnerships
  • Administrative Theory & Models
  • Advanced Research Methodology
  • Public Policy, Governance, Decentralization, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Transport Policy, Procurement & Development

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B. Books and Book Chapters

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C. Conference Proceedings

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Year TASKS Area
2015 Project Manager for the consultancy services to develop a framework for Harmonisation of National Teacher’s Training Colleges Curriculum with the Revised Lower secondary School curriculum, assessment and Examination reform under the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports and supported by Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC). Technical
2015 Team leader for conducting a process or formative evaluation for the local Governance and service delivery thematic area in the Local Government Ministry of Uganda supported by the International Initiative for impact evaluation (3ie) under the Office of the Prime Minister, Government of Uganda. Technical
2015 Project management for a consultancy services assignment for the Development of an e-learning system for financial literacy in Uganda for Bank of Uganda under the support of GIZ Technical
2015 Project Management and team leader for developing an e-learning system in Public Procurement for the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA). Technical
2016 Team leader and Monitoring and evaluation senior specialist for the project to support the regionalisation of the Masters in Monitoring and Evaluation at UTAMU in partnership with Centre for Evaluation at the University of Saarland in Germany under the financial support of GIZ Technical
2014 Team leader for an impact evaluation on the benefits of Uganda Human rights commission to the citizens of Uganda Technical
2014 Technical advisor to the Budget and national economy committee of parliament of the Government of south Sudan on public procurement reforms in East Africa Technical
2014 Facilitated a strategic plan review workshop by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda Capacity building
  Facilitated a strategic plan review workshop by Uganda’s population secretariat  
2014 Conducted a training in public procurement and contract management for Civil Service College Uganda involving contracts committee members from ministries of Defence, energy and mineral development, transport and works, Education and sports etc Capacity building
2014 Designed and conducted a training in basic management skills for the senior staff of AIRSERVE Uganda Capacity building
2013 Mid-term Review of the National Development Plan on the thematic area of democracy and Political Governance Technical
2013 Training Board of Directors and Senior Management of Technology Consults Ltd Capacity Building
2013 Proving training in basic procurement skills for the Chinese oil company-CNOOC (u) Capacity Building
2013 Provided training to the members of the contracts committee for the Ministry of Internal Affairs; Government of Uganda Capacity Building
2013 Designing a strategic plan for the East African Association of Anti-corruption Authorities (EAAACA) for 2014-2019 Technical
2013 Managing the Pre-qualification exercise for enterprise Uganda and provision of technical advice on procurement transactions Technical
2013 Training delivery for Vice Chancellors, Members of Governing councils and senior management on leadership and management of academic processes Capacity Building
2013 Training of senior Management of Uganda Post Bank in managing the procurement processes Capacity building
2013 Conducting Training of Trainers in Public Procurement and Contract Management for the Civil Service College Uganda-Ministry of Public service Capacity building
2013 Development of training modules in procurement and contract management and trainer’s manual for the Ministry of Public Service Technical
2013 Procurement and Contract Management training for the senior staff of the Ministry of Health under the Institutional Capacity development project funded by the Belgian Technical Corporation Capacity building
2013 Developed a procurement manual for Enterprise Uganda Technical
2013 Conducted training in procurement for the Uganda Law Reform Commission Capacity building
2012 Conducted a procurement assessment for the Ministry of
Health covering two regional hospitals and the Ministry of Health Headquarters
2012 Team leader for the development of an e-procurement strategy for the government of Uganda Technical
2012 Team leader for the project funded by ADB to train education managers of government secondary and post-secondary schools in Uganda Technical
2012 Conducted a procurement and contract management training that covered four regional staff managing delegated procurements for the authority Capacity building
2012 Designed and conducted a training for Uganda National Roads Authority covering all the four regions of the country Capacity Building
2011 Designed and conducted a training for the Judicial Service Commission involving Judges, registrars and magistrates Capacity Building
2009 Technical Advisor to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority for the Procurement performance measurement system under the Financial and Accountability Programme (FINMAP). A pilot study of the baseline survey on 15 procuring and Disposing Entities was successfully completed and a report submitted Technical
2009 A technical team member on a World Bank Funded- assignment to develop a Procurement Training Module for Government-aided Secondary Schools in Uganda and develop terms of reference for firms that will undertake the training in 2010. The client was the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda. Technical
2009 Designed and Implemented a KAP end line survey for Population Secretariat- Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic development. Technical
2009 Conducted Desk Review for Water Aid Uganda on Water and Sanitation Sector as a baseline information for a major study on small towns water supply in Uganda. Technical
2009 Development of a Strategic and Business Plan for Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG Technical
2009 conducted a hands-on training support training for Kiboga District Local Government on behalf of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) for a period of two weeks Capacity Building
2009 Conducted hands-on training support training for Tororo Municipal council on behalf of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) for a period of two weeks. Capacity Building
2009 Delivered a training programme to the staff of National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) in Public Procurement on behalf of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA). Capacity Building
2009 Delivered a training programme to the staff of National Forestry Authority in Public Procurement on behalf of the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA). Capacity Building
2008 Designed and conducted a training programme for the staff of Mbuya Outreach center in Kampala Capacity Building
2008 Designed and delivered a training programme in Management skills and project management for the staff of International Rescue Committee office in Lira District. Capacity Building
2008 Designed and delivered a training programme on Project Management for the project team of the National Identification Project of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Capacity Building
2008 Conducted Procurement Audits for the office of the Auditor general, Uganda Insurance Commission, Management Training and Advisory center and Diary Development Authority at the central Government Level on behalf of the Public Procurement and Disposal Authority (PPDA). Technical
2007 Developed a monitoring and evaluation Framework/system for FIDA (U) ltd intended to monitor the DFID Project in Mbale and Mbarara Districts Technical
2007 Developed and offered a training programme in Management of Community Development projects for selected stakeholders from the Various NGO’s, held in Hotel Equatoria, Kampala Capacity Building
2007 Developed and offered a trained programme in procurement and Supply chain Management for the stakeholders in Selected government and private sector Organizations, held in Hotel Equatoria, Kampala Capacity Building
2006 Developed training manuals and conducted training for international care and relief (ICR) in the areas of procurement and contract management, fundraising skills and report writing, leadership and management skills, organizational reform and strategic management, programme monitoring and evaluation, performance appraisal and skills and practices in organizational supervision. Technical


Doctoral level
Candidate Tittle Year Level
Gengatharen Pillay' Implementing the National Curriculum Statement: A case study of FET History Educators in the Umlazi District, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 2011 Doctorate
Zandile F. Nhlabathi' Promoting Intergovernmental Relations through KWANALOGA Games: A case study of Selected Municipalities in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa 2011 Doctorate
Setonnji Noel Adeoye A study of the Implementation of public of public policy to increase participation in recreation sports in Lagos state-Nigeria'. 2012 Doctorate
Udo Robetson Agomuonso The Changing face of NEPAD and the challenges of facilitating sub-regional economic integration on the ECOWAS platform (2001-2011) 2012 Doctorate
Deusdetit Mark Karemire's Human Resource Management Practices and Lecturer Efficiency in Public and Private Universities in Central Uganda 2013 Doctorate
Nuru Tindi Seje' Innovation adoption and work experience among middle level managers in selected public and private universities in Nairobi, Kenya 2013 Doctorate
Wakhungu Nathan Social behaviour and academic achievement of students in selected public and private universities in Kampala, Uganda 2013 Doctorate
Deusdedit Byabashaija Human resource management practices and synergy of local governments of the greater Bushenyi District, Western Uganda 2013 Doctorate
Benjamin Bella Oluka' Prepotency of Needs and Reward Valence of Employees in Three Government Ministries of Uganda 2013 Doctorate
Thekiso Molokwane' The Impact Of Public Private Partnerships On The Delivery Of Water Services In Botswana: The Case Of Lobatse Management Centre 2014 Doctorate
Marutlulle, Nk' Exploration Of Housing Delivery Challenges Faced By Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (Re-Examination) 2014 Doctorate
Thekiso Molokwane ' The Impact Of Public Private Partnerships On The Delivery Of Water Services In Botswana: The Case Of Lobatse Management Centre 2014 Doctorate
' KENETH KAMANA MANARA' Determinants of Collective action in Public Private School Committees in Arusha City and Iringa District-Tanzania. 2014 Doctoral
Mpungose, B.E Exploring Public Policy Implementation in a decentralized state: The case of the language policy in Kwazul-natal 2015 Doctoral
Oscar Joel Magava' Challenges to successful implementation of the Universal and compulsory primary education policies in Tanzania,1967-2013 2015 Doctoral
Amos M Moshikaro' The association of political will with performance of selected municipalities in South Africa 2015 Doctoral
Kefiloe Doris Masiteng' Identifying the key determinants of poverty and inequality in South Africa since 1994: Judging the past by the present 2015 Doctoral
Edith G. M. Mbabazi Mergers of Higher Education institutions in Uganda: The Case of Kyambogo University 2015 Doctoral

Masters examination-University of Dar es Salaam and IUIU

Name Title Year
Adebe Doris School Children's Visual Media Consumption Habits: The Case of Selected Primary Schools in Dare s Salaam, Tanzania 2014
Kennedy Kaduma Strategies Employed by School Administrations to Cope with Inefficient Educational Resources in Tanzanians Public Primary Schools. 2014
Mmasa Mussa An Investigation of Literacy Teaching Practice in Tanzania Classroom. A Case Study of Selected Primary Schools in Handeni District 2014
Mussa Lemgoha An Investigation of the Role of Classroom Assessment in Enhancing Teaching and Learning Process: A Case of Primary Schools in Kilosa District Tanzania 2014
Ghati Daniel I. Teachers Competence and Challenges in Implementing the History Competence Based Education Curriculum in Temeke Municipality Secondary Schools, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 2014
Janeth J. Kasabo Factors Influencing Adults to Pursue Postgraduate Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam: A Case Study of M.A. (Education) Evening Programme 2014
Adenias Ishabisa Prevalence, Causes and Consequences of Sexual Violence among Refugee Women in Nyarugusu Camp in Kigoma Region - Tanzania 2014
Agnes Malavano The Effectiveness of Professional, Code of Conduct in Shaping Teachers' Moral Conduct in Tanzania: The Case of Selected Community Secondary Schools in Mufindi District. 2014
Ambakisye Robert The Contribution of Sports Sponsorship to Development of Sports in Educational Institutions in Tanzania 2014
Aziz Njunga The Role of School Leadership in Students' Academic Performance in Secondary Schools: A Comparison of Schools in Sumbawanga Rural and Municipal Districts 2014
Makarious Peter Munishi Assessment of Provision of In-Service Training on Management Competency to Heads of Secondary Schools in Tanzania: A Case Study of Government Secondary Schools at Kibaha Town, Kisarawe and Mkuranga Districts in Coast Region. 2014
Swaib Seguya Factors that Entice School Children to Mix Sexual Relationships with Studies in Tanzania: A Case of Secondary Schools in Kinondoni 2014
Daudi Mika Mungure An Investigation of Efficiency of Teaching Practice Exercise to Prospective Science and Mathematics Teachers: A Case of Morogoro Teachers' College 2014
Matata John Mbegalo Strategies for Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Student Retention in Private Secondary Schools in Iringa Municipality, Tanzania 2014
Emmanuel Sumwa David The Relationship between Exposure to Electronic Media and Early Sexual Behavior among Secondary School Students in Tanzania. 2014
Andrew Dani Boi English Medium of Instruction as a Barrier of Vocation Skills Acquisition: A Case Study of Selected Vocational Training Centres 2014
Deogratius Mbungu Implementation of Non-subject Specialization in Grade III A of Teacher Education in Tanzania. The Case of Makete and Njombe District. 2014
Fedrick Eliakim Maro Assessment of the Factors Contributing to Teacher Retention in Secondary Schools in Tanzania: A Case of Selected Secondary Schools in Kinondoni Municipality 2014
James Blas Peter Community Awareness of Incomes and Expenditures on Public Secondary Education in Tanzania. A Survey of Selected Ward Secondary Schools in Ilala District in Dar Es Salaam Region. 2014
Musa Ernest Musa Student's Copying Strategies in Uncondusive Learning Environments in Community Secondary Schools: A Case of Mkuranga District Council. 2014
Edgar Fidel Nderego Biological Correlations of Physical Activity Behaviour among Primary School Children in Nyamagana Municipality. 2014
Elisante Mutika Perceptions of Distance Learners towards the Provision of Higher Education through Open Distance Learning Mode: A Study of Open University of Tanzania 2014
Evance Sangawe Short Talent Identification and Development in Primary Schools in Tanzania 2014
Laurent J. Burilo Community Participation In Quality Education Improvement In Ward Secondary Schools In Temeke Municipality 2014
Feleshi Maryciana Measures for Improving the Use of Visual Aids in the Teaching and Learning of Biology in Secondary Schools in Ilala Municipality. 2014
Furaha Maginga The Contribution of Public Secondary Schools Boards in Motivating Teacher's Unprofessional Practices in Kibaha and Kinondoni Districts, Tanzania 2014
George Chalale Assessment of Implementation of Information and Computer Studies (ICS) Syllabus in Tanzania's Public Teacher's Diploma Colleges: The Case of Morogoro and Dakawa Teachers' Colleges 2014
Lihepanyame Venaulia Ladislaus Causes of Performance Variation in Science Subjects among 0-level Public Secondary Schools in Tanzania. 2014
Manini Wakuru Assessing the Effectiveness of Demonstration Primary Schools in Achieving the Mission of Colleges of Teacher Education in Tanzania 2014
Mariam Frank Wema An Investigation of Indiscipline as a Perceived Cause of Low Performance in Certificate of Secondary Education Examination: A Case Study of Mtwara Mikindani Municipality, Tanzania. 2014
Marius Emmanuel The Provision, Relevance and Challenges of Adult Education in Dar es Salaam Prisons, Tanzania. 2014
Mlewa John The Effectiveness of Teacher Inspection in Enhancing the Quality of Secondary Education in Ilala Municipality, Tanzania 2014
Mwakalinga Jumanne. S The Effects of Motivation on Labour Turnover of Science Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Tanzania, Temeke Dar Es Salaam 2014
Alice Godfrey Mwelumbini' Exploring Skills Development from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Syllabus Implementation and Student-Teacher's Competence in Teaching: The Case of Morogoro Teachers' College in Tanzania 2014
Myanza Hassan The Influence of Secondary School Heads' Leadership Attributes on Students' Academic Performance in Mwanga District, Tanzania. 2014
Odax Manumbu Laurence An Assessment of the Factors Motivating University Student to Study Adult Education. A Case Study of the University of Dar es Salaam. 2014
Regina Dominick Challenge of Implementing the Teacher's Code of Professional Conduct in Community Secondary Schools in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania. 2014
Sairis Gallus Ndunguru Factors Influencing Orphaned Children's Accessibility to Secondary Education in Kinondoni Municipality. 2014
Seni Mahega The Influence of Participatory Methods on Students' Attitudes towards Learning Physics in Secondary Schools in Bagamoyo District 2014
Steven Komba Attitudes Strategies and Participation of Pupils with Physical Disability in Sports and Games in Tanzania's Primary Schools. 2014
William Andrew Olambo Problems Facing Government Secondary Schools Teachers in Kahama Municipality, Tanzania 2014
Joseph Njiku Subject specialization in Grade A teaching education and its effects on Science and Mathematics Learning in Tanzania 2013
Constancia Nziku The extent to which employers enhance teacher's retention in rural private secondary schools in Ulanga District-Tanzania 2013
Fedy Speditho Magidanga Primary school competency towards the use of participatory methods in teaching geography subjects in Iringa Municipality-Tanzania 2013
Sylvester John Buyobe Managing quality of education in teacher's colleges in Tanzania: An assessment of Tutor's Effective teaching 2013
Ali Baker Khatib Factors associated with teacher's absenteeism in public secondary schools in Tanzania: The case of Urban and North A district of Zanzibar 2013
Abeid Mwaka Mbarouk Student's participation in physical education in secondary schools in Tanzania: A case of Urban West Region in Zanzibar 2013
Wakati Maliva An investigation of the challenges encountered by teachers in implementing the A-Level Competence based English language curriculum in Ilinga Municipality 2013
Humphrey Jamson Msika The impact of population growth on the quality and quantity of public secondary education services in Tanzania: A case of Illala District-Dar es salaam  
Eugene Follonja Michael' Factors that influence the development of professional competences among secondary school Science Teachers in Tanzania 2013
Dorah John Msigomba Teacher's efficiency and attitudes towards students with disabilities in inclusive education: A case study of inclusive public secondary schools in Dar es salaam region-Tanzania 2013
Lylian Wilfred Nguli The provision of guidance and counselling services in Tanzania Fisheries educational training agency centers 2013
Rashid Nabwera Predictors of Career Choice among student teachers at the University of Dar es salaam 2013
Chitemo Mwanaisha Knowledge of and attitudes towards cervical cancer screening among women aged 24-49 years in Tabora Municipality 2013
Flavia Beichumila Teacher's professional development and its contribution in science and mathematics teaching in selected secondary schools in Dodoma Municipality 2013
Peter Levina The influence of secondary school teacher's professional development on student's academic performance in Tanzania: The case of Kinondoni Municipal secondary schools 2013
Janeth Danford Mlay An exploration on the role of play in promoting children's learning in pre-primary schools in Kinondoni District, Tanzania 2013
Adamson Magushi Certificate teacher education and Preparation of inclusive Education Teachers in Tanzania 2013
Thadei Filipatali Evaluation of Professional Development Initiatives for science tutors in Diploma Teacher Colleges in Tanzania 2013
Nsajigwa Mkapa Analysis of secondary school unit costs in Mbeya Municipality 2013
Melania Masue An assessment of the use of competence-based curriculum for teaching English in Kinondoni Municipality Primary Schools 2013
Peter Anthony Mtavangu English as a medium of instruction and its effects on teaching and learning in Diploma Teacher Education in Tanzania: A case of Morogoro Region 2013
Joseph Reginard Mlinga An analysis of sighted student's pro-social Behavior in Tanzanian Inclusive Secondary Schools: The case of Iringa Municipality 2013
Tukumbukege Ibengwe An investigation of the causes of Illiteracy cases among primary school pupils: The case of Rugene District in Mbeya Region 2013
Majaliwa Mawazo Cost-sharing in financing Secondary education in Kasula District: An investigative study into the nature and challenges 2013
Jamila Mwilola Effectiveness of school inspection in Kisarawe District Primary Schools 2013
Ezelina Angetile Factors motivating public secondary school teacher's participation in Higher Education in Rungwe District 2013
Salome Isack Poverty Reduction through Non-formal education in Tanzania: A case study of ICBAE in Nyamagana and Sengerema Districts 2013
Remi Dorcas Impact of Code switching on teaching and learning in secondary schools in Dar es salaam Region 2013
Daniel Yudatade The perception of Education stakeholders on the use of single textbooks in teaching and learning in primary schools in Tanzania: The case of Kinondoni Municipality 2013
Mbele Peter Damas Investigation of the causes of gender disparity in secondary school completion rates in Namutumbo District 2013
Israel A Kabuka' The effect of parents and students' alcoholism on secondary education development in Ileje District-Tanzania 2013
Elizabeth Kashinda A study on teacher's misconduct in secondary schools and its impact on effective school administration: The case of public secondary schools in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro-Tanzania 2013
Hassan Kalinga An exploration of training needs of head teacher's in Education supervision in Kinondoni Municipality, Dar es salaam 2013
Tupe Vincent Kayinga Examining the extent to which Science Process skills are assessed in Biology Competence –Based Curriculum National examination in secondary schools in Tanzania 2013
Chris George Kasalile The effect of Multi-textbook use in Teaching and Learning in Primary Schools in Tanzania 2013
Angella A Moshy Assessment of factors influencing pupils with albinism to access primary school education in Dar es salaam-Tanzania 2013
Ernest Neema Implementation of the guidelines for HIV/AIDS and Life skills education Programme in secondary schools in Tanga City Council in Tanzania 2013
Graceana Luambano Overcrowding in University of Dar es salaam Halls of Residence and its Psychological effects to student class room participation 2013
Chande Salum Mohammed The Implementation of Competence-Based Curriculum in Tanzania: Experiences of Primary School Teachers in Lindi Municipality 2013
Godwin Ulick Nnko Implementation of Competence-Based Curriculum in Preparing English Language Prospective teachers in Tanzanian Teacher Colleges 2013
Irene J Kirua Approaches used in Caring and Supporting HIV/AIDS Orphaned students in Tanzania: A case of Kibaha Town 2013
Angeto Aristides An investigation into the causes and effects of student misbehavior in secondary schools: A case study of the government secondary schools in the Pwani Region in Tanzania 2013
Atida Obeid Mbingamolo Investigation of Science Teaching and Learning activities in Pre-primary classrooms in Tanzania: A case of Mbeya City 2013
Mercy Glory Mandia The effect of head of school's management practices on teacher's performance in secondary schools in Moshi Municipality-Tanzania 2013
Flora Justus Contribution of head of school leadership styles to teacher's job performance in selected secondary schools in Bagamoyo District 2013
Salama Abubaker Juma The Impact of Using Mobile Phone in BridgeIT project in Teaching and Learning at Primary School Level in Tanzania: The Case of Dar es salaam Region 2013
Fatuma Saidi The contribution of non-monetary incentives to teacher's retention in secondary schools in Tanga Municipality 2013

C. Masters Supervision and examination-Uganda Management Institute

Judith Kyomukama Factors affecting performance of health workers in the labour suite at Mulago national referral hospital Uganda 2014 (MMS)
Jill Namuli' Centralized procurement and delivery of essential medicines and health supplies in health facilities in Uganda 2014 (MBA)
Arthur Magyezi Rewards and Job satisfaction of teachers in government secondary schools in Mbarara district – Uganda (MMS)
Alice Kansiime The contribution of games and sports towards academic performance of pupils in Kampala-Uganda (MMS)
Reuben Bainomujuni' Career development and employee performance in the inspectorate of government in Uganda (MMS)
Abraham Nkata Procurement managementand performance of Universal Secondary Schools under Kampala Capital City Authority-Uganda (MBA)
Killion Tumwebaze Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for performance of framework contracts in Ntoroko district-Uganda (MMS)
Jimmy Bwayo Relationship between governance and performance of Child fund projects in Mbale District (MMS)
Patrick Tuwangye Mujuni' Evaluating the influence of the regulatory role of public procurement and disposal of public assets authority in promoting of public procurement practices in Uganda (MMS)
Susan Nakanwagi Determinants of ICT projects' success in Uganda Communications Commission (MMS)
Rashid Ssentongo' Corruption and Its Implications on Judicial Service Delivery in Uganda 2012 (MBA)
Felix Rutaro B. Twinomucunguzi Organisational Factors affecting the quality of operation services in small town water supply systems in central Uganda 2012 (MMS)
Zaitun Nakonde Procurement Management and Road construction Project Performance in Uganda National Roads Authority 2012 (MMS)
Dinah Tusasirwe Bagoroza Factors affecting the provision of safe water in Urban centres of Uganda 2010 (MMS)
Faith Muyama Complaints Management and Student satisfaction at Uganda Management Institute-Uganda 2012
Patience Kyomugasho Factors affecting the effectiveness of secondary school teacher's performance appraisal system at Vienna College Namugongo-Uganda 2012
Robert Maate' Effectiveness of internal control in detecting and preventing financial fraud at the East African Community Secretariat-Tanzania 2012
Justine Atukwasa The effects of corruption on the administration of justice at Buganda and Mukono Chief Magistrate courts in Uganda 2012
Kaloli Opio Opolot Performance auditing and public sector governance in Uganda: A case of the Auditor General's office 2012
Barbara Asiimwe Kahigwa Participative Budgeting and Organisational performance of THETA Uganda 2012
Gerald Mugabi Factors affecting the performance of procurement and disposal units in statutory authorities in Uganda: A case study of Uganda National Roads Authority 2012
Godfrey Peterson Baguma Contract Management and Quality of Road Construction projects in Kabarole District Local Government 2012
Juliet Rachael Muwenge Budget Management and the Quality of service delivery in Tertiary Institutions of Uganda 2012
Olive Nantume Procurement Management and effective service delivery in Urban local government systems in Uganda 2009
Stella Bamanyaki Work life Practices and employee performance in Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development 2012
Geoffrey Ngerejaho Factors affecting the performance of the management information system at the National Agricultural Research organisation (NARO), Uganda (MBA)
David Sunday Kikabi Determinants of effective investment business decisions among small and medium enterprises in Kampala ( MBA)
Mary Babirye Institutional factors contributing to courts backlog in the Ugandan Judiciary: A case study of the high Court 2012 (MMS)
Moses Kwanya Supply Chain Risks and Competitiveness of Business firms in Uganda: A case study of Sugar Corporation of Uganda LTD  
Valerian Tumuhimbise Organisational Factors affecting internal communication in the Ugandan Judiciary: A case study of Kampala and Masaka (MMS) '
Justine Murana Evidence –Based Planning and Decision making in local governments of Uganda: A case study of Sironko District (MMS)
Thomson Odoki An evaluation of the contribution of Behavioural Communication Change strategy to Malaria control among Children and pregnant women in Kiboga District (MMS)
Carol Onyadi Organisational factors and labour turnover in Non-Governmental organisations in Uganda: A case of International Rescue Committee (MMS)
Rose Namutebi Performance of the national payment and settlement system in centenary Rural development Bank (MMS)
Anne Akol Risa Universal Primary Education Policy and academic performance in Nakapiriprit District 2013 (MMS)
Denis Bbale Ssekavuga Factors affecting Medical records management in HIV/AIDS Projects in Uganda (MMS)
Claire Allen Babuleka Inventory management and its influence on sales growth of traditional medicinal products in Kayunga District (MMS)
Geoffrey B. Bamanyisa Fiscal Decentralisation and Quality of Primary Health care services in Uganda's local governments (MMS)
Justine M.Bisikwa Risk Management and Organisational performance in Shumuk Manufacturing Company in Uganda (MMS)
Cissy Nabukenya Democratic Leadership Style and Performance of the Public sector in Uganda: A case study of Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (MMS)
Harriet Nakanwagi Leadership styles and employee performance among public business technical vocational educational training institutions in Kampala and Wakiso District (MMS)
Jalia Nasolo Internal Controls and their effectiveness in fraud management in Total Uganda (MBA)
Irene Brenda Nalwanga Credit Policy Management and financial performance of Media Houses in Uganda: A case study of the New Vision (MMS)
Justine Sewali Mwami Factors influencing the usage of Electronic Banking in Uganda's Commercial Banks: A case study of Stanbic Bank (MMS)
Francis Msaba Factors affecting Human resource development in Non-Government organisations in Uganda (MMS)
Nelson Patrick Mulyanga Credit Risk Management Practices and Performance of Mukono and Kayunga Teacher's SACCO ltd (MMS)
Brbara Mirembe Financial Deepening and Poverty Reduction in Kamuli Town Council, Uganda (MMS)
Priscila Mirembe Serukka The effects of external funding on the performance of client organisations in East Africa: A case study of Stromme Foundation (MMS)
Esther Nyakato Kabaruli Resource Management and Sustainability of Donor funded Health Projects in Uganda: A case of the Global fund  
Mary Nyende Kansiime Risk Management and Performance of telegraphic Transfers IN Financial Institutions in Uganda: (MMS)
Deborah Kamasiko Mwesigwa Customer Relationship management and performance of Insurance Companies in Uganda (MMS)
Odubuker Picho Epiphany Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Job Satisfaction in Uganda Management Institute-Kampala (MMS)
Paul Aliu Fiscal Decentralisation and Service Delivery in Local Governments in Uganda: A case study of Soroti District (MMS)
Juliet Waiswa An assessment of the contribution of Resource mobilisation on the sustainability of straight talk foundation Ltd, Uganda (MMS)
Ever Biira The Decentralisation Policy Revisions and their implication on the autonomy of local governments in Uganda: A case study of Kasese District (MMS)
Rich John Kireri Procurement Management and service delivery in world Vision (MMS)
Amutenda S.Tumwine Institutional Environment and its implications on discipline of secondary school students in Kamwenge District (MMS)
Daniel Kasala Factors affecting the performance of construction projects in Mayuge District 2012 (MMS)
Hez Alinda Kimoomi Business Management Industry Practices and effectiveness of the National Social Security Fund in Uganda (MMS)
Peter S.J.Watti Institutional factors influencing Pension Management In Mbale Municipal Council 2008
Gabriel K.Kaddu Drug Registration system and its effects on the performance of the National Drug Authority in Uganda 2008
Diana N.Tumusiime' Organisational Challenges affecting the management of elections in a multiparty democracy 2010 (MMS)
Lawrence Kiganda Competition for Clients and the performance of microfinance institutions: a case of HOFOKA Ltd  
Michael Pande Mabonga Enforcement and Compliance factors effecting quality of residential infrastructure in per-urban areas of Uganda (MMS)
Latif Ssemukaaya Procurement Planning and the quality of service delivery in the Ministry of education and Sports (MMS)
Joghn Cossy Odmel Community related empowerment factors affecting the performance of poverty reduction programmes in Pallisa District (MMS)
Immaculate Nalika Capacity Development and Sustainability of Fistula Repair Services in Uganda's Public health sector (MMS)
Aviti Bagabo The impact of cost sharing approach on accessibility to higher education at National University of Rwanda (MMS)
Patrick M. Ochaya' The role of internal audit function in promoting good governance in Adjumani district local government of Uganda (MBA)
Annet Nsimire Institutional factors affecting rural electrification in Kabale district in Uganda (MBA)
Godfrey Nathan Muzaaya Organisational Support and its contribution to livelihoods among TASO supported HIV/AIDS Affected households in Masaka District (MMS)
Catherine Namuyimbwa Community Participation and Sustainability of community-based early childhood projects in Uganda 2013
Alithum Bruce The influence of monitoring and evaluation systems on the success of NUSAF projects in Nebbi district (MMS)
Betty Namono Structural Conflicts and the performance of Local Governments in Uganda: A case study of Manafwa District (MMS)
Charles Sembatya Risk Management and Performance of Uganda National Examinations Board (MMS)
Richard Happy Commodity Linked extension services and good agricultural practices in Mityana District (MBA)
Apolo Masete Wanyakha Fiscal decentralisation and poverty reduction in local governments in Uganda: A case of Manafwa District (MBA)
Prossy N. Kakeeto' Internal controls and financial performance of international institute of Tropical Agriculture (MMS)
Sharon F. Achero' Examining cultural practices that promote food insecurity in Nakapiriprit District (MMS)
Jennifer Aparo Factors affecting local revenue generation in local governments of Uganda: A case study of Adjumani (MMS)
Elizabeth Katwesigye The influence of budget management on the performance of small and medium enterprises in Kampala (MBA)
Patricia Kobusingye The effect of supply chain efficiency on financial performance of petroleum companies: A case study of PETRO Uganda (MBA)
Aguti Angeline Stress copying strategies and academic staff performance in Kampala High School 2013
Lilly Adong The role of Poor led-Savings and Micro Credit Schemes In the social economic empowerment of rural women In Nwoya District (MMS)
Lynda Nabirye Procurement Planning and sustainable construction in Uganda National Roads Authority (MBA)
Desteo Ntegeka The influence of management systems on the performance of NAADS in Kibaale District (MMS)
Godfrey Sempagama Contract Management and the quality of Roads constructed by Luwero District (MBA)
Jackson Were Management functions and success of clinical Research Projects in Uganda: A case study of Non-Communicable Diseases Project in Medical Research Council (MBA)
Berna Kuggyawo Corporal governance and its effect on the performance of Posta Uganda (MMS)
James Andrew Ocen Participatory Development Planning and effective service delivery In Apac District Local Government (MBA)
Lydia Kakai Internal Control systems and Risk Management In Stanbic Bank, Uganda (MBA)
Boniface Barongo Rewards and employee motivation in Manufacturing Companies in Uganda: A case of Parambot Breweries Limited (MBA)
Eunice Naddunga Factors affecting financial sustainability in the Uganda red cross society 2013 (MBA)
Doreen Ayebare Service Quality Perspectives and Customer Satisfaction in Bank of Africa (U) ltd 2013 (MMS)
Claire Bagamuhunda Contracts Management and Service Delivery In Local Governments: A Case study of Kampala Capital Authority 2013 (MMS)
Leonard Kakuru Kato Procurement Reforms and service delivery in the ministry of defence: A case study of Chieftaincy of Logistics and Engineering in UPDF 2013 (MMS)
Kevin Akol Employee competencies and the quality of public services in the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control in Uganda 2013 (MMS)
Dennis Garabuzi Supply Chain Risks influencing the performance of small and medium enterprise contractors in Sembabule District, Uganda 2013 (MMS)
Nicodemus Tumukwasibwe Factors influence Non-Adherence of patients to Antiretroviral therapy in Kabale District: A case study of Kabale Regional Referral hospital 2013 (MMS)
Judith Kyomukama Factors affecting performance of Health Workers in the Labor suite of Mulago National Referral hospital 2013 (MMS)
Stuart Muhwezi Effect of Promotion on sales performance in the telecommunications sector in Uganda: A case study of Uganda Telecom Ltd 2013 (MMS)
Ruth Musekura Leadership styles and project success in the non-for-profit sector organizations of Uganda: A case study of selected Donor Funded Health Projects in Uganda 2013 (MMS)
Charles Biganja Akankwasa Procurement Planning and Procurement performance of the inspectorate of Government in Uganda 2013 (MMS)
Robert Mukasa Public Procurement reforms and quality of service delivery in the ministry of internal affairs 2010 (MMS)
Grace Namukhula Institutional factors affecting the performance of the district service commission of Mityana District 2010 (MMS)
Nayiga Josephine Kabega Institutional Factors affecting project monitoring among NGOs in Uganda 2010 (MMS)
Ross Donald Muwaya Procurement management practices and their effects on local government service delivery in Uganda: A case of Iganga Town council 2010 (MMS)
Rehema Nakuya The effect of service quality on customer satisfaction among utility organisations in Uganda: A case of NWSC 2010 (MMS)
Minega Linda Contract Management and the Performance of the Uganda Computerized Driving Permits Project, Ministry of Works and Transport 2010 (MMS)
Kuhirwa Ndungutse Rosette Organizational Factors Affecting the Quality of Legal Aid Services in FIDA Uganda.  
Mutuuzo Peace Regis Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Building Effective Public Private partnership in Utility Provision in Uganda: A Case Study of Two Selected Government Ministries  
Mutesi Patricia Human Factors Influencing Fire Safety Measures in School Environments in Uganda: A Case Study of Secondary Schools in The Central Region  
Abom Muzamil The effectiveness of Public awareness strategies in curbing corruption by the Inspectorate of Government in Uganda 2010 (MMS)
Khauka S.G.Masolo Factors affecting financial sustainability at Namanve National Tree Seed centre 2009 (MMS)
Sarah Mwesigye Kasheka The effect of trader's knowledge , attitudes and perceptions on revenue collection in Uganda Revenue Authority: A survey of traders in Kikubo Kampala 2009 (MMS)
Jane Akiror Decentralised Planning and its effects on service Delivery in Soroti District 2009 (MMS)
Najjuma Susan The Psychological Contract and Medical Staff Turnover in Uganda's Public Hospitals: A case study of Mulago National Referral Hospital 2009 (MMS)
Hakiza Joseph Buhi Riba Procurement management and Organizational Conflicts in Urban Local Government systems of Uganda: A Case study of Central Division of Kampala city Council 2009 (MMS)
Kyeyune Nabbona Christine Kawooya Management Styles and the Performance of employees in Corporate Institutions in Uganda: A case Study of Standard Chartered Bank Limited. 2009 (MMS)
Serugo Flavia Corporate Social Responsibility and The Development of Local Communities in Uganda: A Case Study of MTN (U) Ltd 2009 (MMS)
Ntambi Fred A study of Inventory/Stock controls in small to medium sized organization: A case of Viva general merchandise Limited 2009 (MMS)
Aporu Christine The Effect of Delegation in the Management of Institutions with Particular reference to Parliament. 2009 (MMS)
Waidhuuba Jofram Procurement Management and Revenue Collection in Urban Local Governments of Uganda: A Case Study of Jinja Municipal Council. 2009 (MMS)
Sengooba Shafiq Head teachers' Leadership Styles and Academic Performance of Universal Primary Education Schools in Kabale Municipality, Uganda 2009 (MMS)
Nagayi Aida Kibirige Management and Performance of Community Based Organisation of Wazalendo Savings and Credit Community Bombo, Uganda 2009 (MMS)
Agaba Caroline Linda Charity Funds Disbursement, Procurement Planning and the Efficiency of UNDP Good Governance Projects: A Case of the UNDP Capacity Building Project at APDA 2009 (MMS)
Komunda Samuel Sabiiti The Challenges of Amnesty Process And Peace Building in Uganda 2009 (MMS)
Enock Kalema Macro Procurement selection factors and performance of road construction projects in Uganda: A case study of the Kampala Northern By pass Project 2009 (MMS)
Susan Apio Community Participation and Institutional Sustainability of Safe water facilities in Uganda 2009 (MMS)
Steven Lumala The role of internal audit in promoting Accountability of public funds in local governments in Uganda: A case study of Moroto District 2012 (MMS)
Mary Namatovu Factors influencing the adopting of public private partnerships in Infrastructural projects in Uganda 2012 (MBA)
Susan Ndagire Institutional factors influencing internal audit effectiveness in Uganda National Roads Authority 2012 (MBA)
Lydia Kaboyo Community participation and sustainability of water for production facilities in Rakai District 2012 (MMS)
Vicent K. Kwatampora' Procurement Management Practices and service delivery in Kampala Capital City Authority 2012 (MBA)
Titus Lutaaya' Inventory Management and PROFTABILITY of small and medium enterprises in Kampala district 2012 (MMS)
Hellen L. Amongin Factors affecting completion rates of masters students at Uganda Management Institute 2011 (MMS)
Hellen Tumuhimbise Public Procurement Management and delivery of Health services in Buhinga Referral Hospital in 2011 (MMS)
Margaret Nakintu Information Management and the performance of the Examinations Division at Kyambogo University 2011 (MMS)
Deborah Nabongo Factors contributing to School Drop Out In Universal Primary Education Schools In Iganga District 2011 (MMS)
Bibangambah Komukama Harriet Resource Mobilization and Performance of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uganda: A Case Study of Green watch 2011 (MMS)
Kakuba Tamutambo Albertina Procurement corruption and its Effects on Service Delivery in Mbarara District Local Governments System of Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Asemenye Susan Non Cognitive Factors Affecting Academic Success in Public Primary Schools in Molo Sub-county, Tororo, Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Kaggwa Umran The Contribution Of Supply Chain Management To The Quality Of Export Vegetables In Uganda: Case of Mubuku Association Growers 2011 (MMS)
Katarikawe Kesiime Emily Factors Affecting Management of HIV/AIDS Services in a Decentralised Setting in Western Uganda: A Case Study of Kanungu District 2011 (MMS)
Nawe Kamukama Molly Factors Affecting the Transfer of Training in Organizations: A Case Study of the Electoral Commission – Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Mushega K. Harriet Out Sourcing and Organizational Performance in Parastatal Organizations in Uganda: A Case Study of Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 2011 (MMS)
Musungu Stephen Procurement Management and Effective Service Delivery in Busia District Local Government of Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Tuhaise Agnes Organization Factors Influencing Staff Motivation in Micro Care Insurance Limited - Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Ekou Margaret An Examination of Factors Affecting Students' Academic Performance in Senior Secondary Schools in Soroti District: A Case Study of Teso College Aloet, Soroti S.S., Madera Girls' S.S, Kietok Girls' S.S. and Serere S.S. 2011 (MMS)
Nanziri Aminah Motivation Characteristics and Employee Performance in Kampala City Council of Uganda: A Case Study of Central Division 2011 (MMS)
Wanga Elizabeth Logistics Management Systems and Customer Satisfaction in Learning and Forwarding Companies of Uganda; A Case Study of Ken freight Uganda Ltd 2011 (MMS)
Akiding Harriet Institutional Factors Affecting Decentralized Planning Process in Local Governments of Uganda: A Case of Amuria District 2011 (MMS)
Adur Okello Eunice Teachers' Motivation and Academic Performance of Government Aided Secondary Schools in Lira district of Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Naluwu Teddy Beneficiary-Related Factors and Sustainability of CFCA-Supported Projects in Southern Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Nansereko Diana Rose Organizational Climate and the Performance of Public Sector Organizations in Uganda: A Case Study of the 8th Parliament of Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Okot Norah Stakeholders Participation and Enhancement of Quality Service Delivery Among Medical Providers in Kampala: Case Study of Case Med Care (CMC). 2011 (MMS)
Alupo Jessica Rose Epel Employee Motivation and Organizational Performance of the Telecommunication Sub Sector in Uganda: A Case Study of MTN – Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Amuge Edep Stella Social Welfare Support and its Contribution to the Wellbeing of the Elderly in Acowa Sub County, Amuria District – Uganda 2011 (MMS)
Acire John Head teachers' Leadership Styles and Teachers' Job Satisfaction in Uganda: A Case Study of Government Aided Secondary Schools in Gulu District. S)


Uganda Technology And Management University
Candidate Topic Specialisation Status
Gilbert Ohairwe' Information management and effective decision Making in the regulation, management and administration of Uganda's pharmaceutical services. Public Administration Submitted for Examination
Olivia Mwisaka Kyatuwa Bureaucracy and decision making in public and private universities in Uganda Public Administration Dissertation writing
Shiba Asiimwe ' Work force diversity management and performance of public organisations in Uganda: implications from national water and sewerage corporation Management Dissertation writing
George Lukwago ' Using Herzberg's-two factor theory to develop construct validity for motivation of employees in the Uganda's national agricultural research organization Management Dissertation writing
Henry Ndinaiwe Corporate governance and sustainability of cooperatives in Uganda Management Proposal Development
Okwadi J.M.Tukei Operational Risk Management and Staff performance in Uganda Police Force. A case study of Kampala Police Metropolitan, Uganda. Management Dissertation writing
AKETCH Anyango Everline ' Culture, Strategic Planning and Performance of SMEs: A Case Study of Uganda Business Administration Dissertation writing
Magolo John Faith Appropriateness of Early Warning Systems in the Management of Climate Change Impacts in Mt. Elgon Region in Eastern Uganda Development studies Dissertation writing
SSENTAMU Julius ' Corporate Governance, Management Competence and Financial Performance of Selected Money Transfer Companies in Uganda Business Administration Dissertation writing
MUZAALE Tonny ' The Audit Function Structure: A Critical Evaluation of the Legal Framework for the Management of Public Finance in Uganda Public Administration Dissertation writing
SSEWANYANA Silverius' Decentralisation and Civic Engagement in Local Development Processes of Emerging Economies Public Administration Proposal development
BARIGYE Julius Sixtus ' Effectiveness of Decentralization Policy and Paralegals Structure on Disentangling Land Wrangles in Kibaale District Uganda Business Administration Proposal development
KIIZA Mark ' Management of Deep Water Sources and Sustainability in Developing Countries. A case : Great Lakes Region of East Africa Management Dissertation writing
LUBEGA Joseph Financing, Price Discrimination, Transaction Cost, And Trade Credit Practices Among Manufacturing Firms In Uganda: The Mediating Effect Of Repayment Behaviour Business Administration Dissertation writing
Medard Twinamasiko Linking Conservation To The Implementation Of Revenue Sharing Policy And Livelihood Improvement Of People Bordering Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Management Completed
Aloysious Byaruhanga Contractor Selection, Monitoring and Performance Of Road Infrastructure Projects In Uganda Business Administration Dissertation writing
George Makunde ' Colonial Administrative Systems And Their Influence On Current Performance Of Local Authorities In Zimbabwe Public Administration Dissertation writing
Cainos Chingombe ' Leadership Practices And Performance Of Local Authorities In Zimbabwe: City Of Harare. Public Administration Completed
Perry Gamba The Role of Monitoring and Evaluation in Strengthening the Health System in Uganda Management Proposal Development
Herbert Arinaitwe Institutionalization of Monitoring and Evaluation in Government Systems. The case of Justice, Law and Order Sector in Uganda Management Proposal development
Elizabeth Margaret Asiimwe Utilization of Evaluation findings by Civil Society Organizations in Uganda Development studies Proposal Development
Frank Asimwe Corporate Governance Practices and Performance of Kampala Capital City Authority (Uganda) and City of Kigali (Rwanda): A Correlational Comparative Study Public Administration Data collection
Steven Joseph Minja' Developing a Life Cycle Costing Analytical Framework for the Building and Construction Industry in Tanzania Economics Dissertation writing
Eric Masereka Plastic Waste Management Strategies and Sustainable Environmental Management Practices in Uganda Development studies Proposal development


Candidate Topic Specialisation Status
Ronah Arinanye Tugume Organisational Factors affecting performance of Employees at the College of Computing and Information Sciences (COCIS_) Makerere University EMBA (Human Resource Management & Development) Completed
Asiimwe Jacob Kameraho Project Evaluation and Organisational Learning in the Road Construction Industry of Uganda: A case study of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA). Monitoring and evaluation Completed
Asiimwe Abias Katesigwa Determinants of effective utilisation of routine health information within private health facilities in Kampala – Uganda. Monitoring and Evaluation Completed
Ojok James Effective Role of Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation in Promoting Good Governance in Uganda: Implications from the Ministry of Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Completed
Luutu Paul Patrick Factors influencing utilisation of evaluation findings in donor funded non-governmental organizations. A case study of share an opportunity Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal development
Gilbert Rwamwitani Sunday Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation systems and Performance of Public Health Organisations in Uganda. A case of Uganda Health Marketing Group' Monitoring and Evaluation Dead Year
Josephine Apajo Assess the impact of decentralised service delivery
on performance of Ministry of
Water and Environment (Case study; department of Urban Water Supply And Sanitation and Sewerage Services)
Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Julius Emaru Factors affecting the Performance of Procurement and Disposal Units in Uganda: A case study of NARO Public Procurement Data Collection
Kateregga Solomon Downward Accountability And Sustainability of Community Projects Funded by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Uganda Project Planning & Management Proposal Development
Patrick Nshemereirwe Procurement Management And Performance Of Construction Projects In GOVERNMENT-AIDED Secondary Schools In Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality EMBA (Financial Management) Dissertation writing
Tumusiime Lydia Evaluation findings utilization and performance of NGOs in Kampala District Monitoring and Evaluation Data collection
Willy Ngaka Assessing the Impact of Literacy Intervention Projects in West Nile:The case of Rural Education Empowerment Project in Nebbi District-UGANDA Monitoring and Evaluation Dissertation writing
Epiphany Odubuker Picho Intra-Institutional Dynamics and Public Procurement Performance:A Comparator among Public Universities in Uganda Public Procurement Proposal Development
Gad Ahumuza Factors Affecting Successful Implementation Of Auditor General's Recommendations In Uganda's Local Governments. A Case Of Soroti District Administration Public Administration Data Collection
Asaph Tweheyo Factors Influencing The Utilisation Of Results Among Program Staff In The Office Of The Prime Minister Kampala Central Division Monitoring and Evaluation Data collection
Wambele Richard Natala Effective Resource Allocation And Effectiveness Of Evaluation By NGOs Implementing HIV/Aids Projects In Tororo Districts Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal development
Festus Winyi The Relationship Between Oil Exploration Activities And Land Conflicts In Hoima District, Uganda. A Case Study Of Buseruka Sub county Oil Governance and Management Proposal development
David Wanangwe The Impact Of Pre-Contract Preparation On The Success Of National Housing And Construction Company (NHCC) Construction Projects Project Planning and Management Proposal Development
James Kabuye Institutional Design And Utilization Of Evaluation Findings At Kyambogo University. Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Juliet Nsambu Factors Influencing The Performance Of Monitoring And Evaluation Systems In NGOs Lira District. Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Wilfred Alowo Factors Affecting Timely Completion In Housing Construction Projects. A Case Of National Housing And Construction Company, Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Walabyeki Saturo Mobile Technology And Performance Of Monitoring And Evaluation System In Organizations; A Case Study Heifer Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Martin Omolo Factors Affecting Utilization Of Evaluation Findings In The Public Sector, A Case Of Gulu District Local Government Uganda Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Angella Basaasira Ssali "Utilization Of Monitoring And Evaluation Systems And Performance Among Government Entities; Kampala District, Uganda" Monitoring and Evaluation Proposal Development
Francis Ojok Stakeholders Participation And Performance Of Local Economic Development Programs In Amolatar District, Uganda Public Sector Management Proposal development
Barbra Barungi Measuring The Impact Of Post-Harvest Handling Technologies On Maize Farmer's Income In Uganda Project Planning and Management Proposal Development
Tatu Nakanjako The Effect Of Outsourcing On Institutional Performance. A Case Study Of National Planning Authority (NPA) Project Planning and Management Proposal development

Membership to Professional Bodies and Associations

  • 2014 - todate - A Fellow of the Chartered institute of Procurement and Supply - UK
  • 2007 - todate - Chartered Member chartered institute of Purchasing and Supply
  • 2008 - todate - Certified procurement professional for the Institute of procurement professionals of Uganda
  • 2009 - todate - Member of the International purchasing and Supply education Research Association (IPSERA)
  • 2016 - todate - Member of the International Research Society for Research in Public Management (IRSPM)
  • 2013 - todate - Member of the Uganda Evaluation Association

Journal Editorial Responsibilities

  • Editor in Chief-Journal of Public Procurement and Contract Management
  • Former Editor, Uganda Journal of Management and Public Policy studies
  • Editor-Upcoming East African Journal of Evaluation

Membership to Editorial Advisory Boards

  • Journal of Public Procurement-USA
  • Interdisciplinary Journal of Economics and Law-UK
  • African Journal of Business and Management
  • Journal of Business and Public Dynamics Development
  • African Journal of Governance and Development
  • Journal of Public Administration
  • African Public Service Delivery Review