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Dr. Muheki Zikusooka

Dr. Muheki ZikusookaDr. Muheki Zikusooka holds a BSc with education, Master of Social Sciences in Health Economics, and a PhD in Health Economics from University of Cape Town. Dr. Muheki-Zikusooka is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Management.

Dr. Muheki-Zikusooka for over 15 years has been involved in both research and training/capacity building. Dr. Muheki-Zikusooka has focus in the following areas:

Teaching/Capacity Building

  1. Teaching post-graduate students (Health Economics)
  2. Development of programs and curriculum for Masters students
  3. Mentoring young economists in conducting research and in other career development tasks

Research and impacting policy development

  1. Health financing (health financing reviews, including relevant assessments on fair financing, performance-based financing, universal health coverage, global health initiatives, appropriate health financing strategies, social health insurance, etc).
  2. Costing and cost-effectiveness assessments for health programs / projects / interventions; and all other forms of economic evaluations and value-for-money assessments. Specifically interested in costing strategic plans for programs or institutions.
  3. Resource tracking assessments (including National Health Accounts, National AIDS Spending Assessments, Expenditure Analyses, etc)
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation for health interventions/programs/projects.
  5. Document evidence for decision and policy making - In the areas of research above.

For details see icon Dr. Muheki Zikusooka CV (357.84 kB)