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Dr. Lois Natukunda

Dr. Lois Natukunda

Head of Department, Project Management and Evaluation

Dr. Lois is the head of department, Project Management and Evaluation at Uganda Technology And Management University (UTAMU). She also serves as a lecturer in the School Of Business and Management (SBM).

Dr. Lois is interested in seeing public and private organisations reap the highest benefit possible from management education and/or training attained by their employees. The cost of graduate and postgraduate education/training in terms of time, money and other social costs is enormous. Individuals, organisations and the wider society should be able to reap the benefits of such sacrificial investments through advancement of the general wellbeing of organisations, countries and regions.

To understand and contribute to this issue, she does research on applicability of theoretical Human Resource Management (HRM) concepts to the day-to- day running of organisations especially in Africa. Besides doing research (and supervising research projects), she teaches HRM related undergraduate and postgraduate modules. Embedded in her research, teaching and supervision is active involvement with organisations where we, together with her students, explore the link between theory and practice in those organisations. Our aim is to learn but also provide research based recommendations for efficient application of HRM and general management related concepts.

Dr. Lois is interested in working with big and small organisations around the issues of maximising university and college education/and training benefits especially in the area of HRM.

Before joining Uganda Technology and Management University, She worked as a lecturer, associate teacher and researcher with the University of Sheffield and Ndejje University. She has also worked outside academia as a programme manager with a national agricultural research organisation.

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