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Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke

Martha Kibuka Musoke

Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke

Head of Department, Public Administration & Governance

Dr. Martha serves as the Head of Department, Public Administration & Governance. She is also the Senior Research and the Grants Officer of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).

She is also a lecturer in the School of Business and Management teaching graduate programmes (Communication skills for evaluation, and Project Resource mobilization and Management)

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Journal Papers
  1. Blending Traditions and Modernity: Television, Education and Life-Skills orientation of Urban Youths in Uganda - Link
  2. Demographic Dividend In Africa, Prospects, Opportunities And Challenges: A Case Study Of Uganda - Link
  3. Comparing And Contrasting The Linear Regression Analysis Theory And Pearsonâs Product Moment Correlation Analysis Theory In Inferential - Link
  4. Women’s Involvement And Their Civic And Political Responsibility Among The Batwa Ethnic Minority Group In Kanungu District South - Link
  5. Civic and political rights of the Batwa ethnic minority in local governance at village level: The case of Kanungu District - Link