Mr. Kenneth Otikal

Mr. Kenneth Otikal

Convocation Representative

Mr. Kenneth Otikal is a practicing Statistician, Development Planner/Economist, and M&E specialist with over 14 years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, Economic Planning, Population and Policy, Development Research, Decentralization, Local Governance, Programme development, and implementation, as well as program coordination. He holds a Master’s of Science in Population Studies- Demography from the University of Groningen (The Netherlands), a Master’s in Monitoring & Evaluation, and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Economics.

Kenneth’s work experience extends through implementation, policy, and advisory both as a career officer and an independent consultant. He has practical working experience at various levels including; Programme/Project Development and Implementation levels as (a Statistician, Principal Planning M&E officer, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Programme Coordinator, Research Field Supervisor, and Census Manager); Research and Advisory levels (expert consultant with GHPro, USAID, FAO/Agri-invest Initiative, UN Mission in South Sudan, African Union, Oxfam GB, Vision TERUDO, CIDI, Trocaire-Uganda and Government of Uganda).

Kenneth has also provided long-term technical assistance at the national and district level for development planning, research and supervision; monitoring and Evaluation of strategic plans and programmes and addressed the challenges of Agriculture value chains development, decentralized service delivery, and health and community issues under the PRDP. He also has experience in planning and budgeting using Programme Budgeting System of the Government of Uganda at both Central and Local Government.

Currently, Kenneth works as a Principal Planner/Economist with the Government of Uganda- Dairy Development Authority under the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal, Industry and Fisheries and Evaluation Consultant/Trainer on a short-term/assignment basis for Economic Research, M&E documentation.