The consequences of shortages of research and innovation, especially in the fields of technology and management is under publication and a vicious recycling of often unusable knowledge.

A priority to mitigate these problems is research to investigate and develop systems that lead to an improvement in technology and management. The establishment of the International Journal of Technology and Management would stimulate an exchange of research findings and ideas that contribute to innovation and development to bring about better livelihoods.

The journal presents original research in the fields of computing, technology and management. The Journal also presents issues surrounding integration of Computing, Technology and Management in a multi-disciplinary context. Therefore, it will be of interest to a wide readership cutting across academicians, researchers, policy makers, environmentalists, managers, planners, industrialists, government and NGOs globally, across a range of disciplines.

IJOTM's registered ISSN is 2518-8623, and  is published twice in a calendar year: Volume 1 is published in June, and Volume 2 in December.


To provide an online platform for quality publications with a view of enhancing sound practices in technology and management.


The International Journal of Technology and Management aims at strengthening evidence-based research and innovation, support and inform technology and management policy and practice, as well as improve learning in and across trans-disciplinary organizations and academic institutions. Thus, IJOTM will create synergies among research, policy and practice.


The International Journal of Technology and Management will:

4.1 Stimulate research to build the evidence-base and the collective knowledge around   technology.

A scholarly Journal dedicated to technology could validate the importance of rigorous scientific research in the field and elevate the technology community’s standards for, and expectations of, how research and scholarship is conducted. This will contribute to the further professionalization of technology.

4.2 Promote technology and management trans-disciplinary research in organizations, policy and academic institutions.

IJOTM would encourage strategies to investigate technological applications in addressing management and development challenges with an impact on better service delivery

IJOTM would provide a much-needed space within academic literature for practitioners, policy-makers and academics to share technology and management related research findings and engage in dialogue with each other. The Journal would form a platform to foster increased linkages between diverse actors engaged in technology and management practices.

4.3 Re-define research gaps and key themes and trends in technology and management as a way to inform policy, practice and future research.

  • IJOTM will keep the stakeholders up-to-date on current developments and research:
  • Help identify new trends in technology and management that they would need to address in their work;
  • Encourage stakeholders to document their work and share with the technology and management communities;
  • Encourage stakeholders to design and implement evidence-informed programs and policies.
  • Publish interdisciplinary and original work of the highest quality from across the globe in the broad areas of Computing, Technology and Management
  • Disseminate real world problem analyses within developing countries that hinder sustainable development and solutions to them that can bring about poverty reduction and sustainable development.
  • Provide a forum for exploring contemporary issues in computing, technology and management by academics, policy-makers, governments, researchers and industrialists.


The Journal is promoted widely to the broad technological and management community and beyond, using various channels to carry out electronic, printed and in-person promotion at conferences, trainings and other events. Promotions include:

5.1 Public lecture presentations of selected articles;

5.2 Internet-based free publications

5.3 Banners and brochures at UTAMU and other public spaces.

5.4 Advertising in websites

5.5 In UTAMU newsletters to raise awareness

5.6 UTAMU conferences and workshops

5.7 Determine and send out thematic topics to potential authors

5.8 Start a Blog or Wiki about trends in technology and management

5.9 Invite for publications through emails.